Top 5 Hair Dryers!

One question we always get asked is "what hair dryer is the best?".  It's a hard question to answer for the average customer, because there are a lot of similar dryers, and everyone has different needs.  We decided it would be best to give you a list of our Top 5 Hair Dryers.  We took a poll of our stylists, and found that these were their favorites.  A few things you need to know first:


Tourmaline technology combines the best of Ceramic and Ionic Technologies.  Tourmaline technology naturally and efficiently emits negative ions and infrared heat while drying your hair.  This provides the following benefits;

  1. Silky, shine. Negative ions close the cuticle layer to create a smooth, shiny hair surface and to lock in hair's own natural moisture.
  2. Quick Drying. Negative ions also break up water molecules into smaller sizes on the hair surface. These smaller water particles evaporate easily and quickly for fast drying.
  3. Moisture. Small water particles also penetrate the hair shaft easily for added moisture
  4. Dry Fast Without Hair Damage. Infrared heat penetrates hair to heat it gently from within. Infrared is a different type of heat that does not heat the air. Instead, more heat is delivered to the hair shaft; less is delivered to the surface, so hair is not damaged. Because infrared penetrates so deeply, it often "feels" hot, but this is actually due to more penetrating heat and less surface heat.
  5. Made of 100% crushed Tourmaline jewels utilizing negative ions and infrared heat technology. Dryes hair more than 2 times faster than ordinary dryers. Ultra lightweight.



Ceramic technology, like Tourmaline technology, has many benefits when drying  your hair.  The main benefit of ceramic technology is that it emits negative ions that helps reduce frizz.  Ceramic technology also helps your dryer/iron heat up fast.  The issue with just a ceramic dryer is the weight, this is the reason that the Tourmaline technology was created.  This reduces the weight of the dryer.


Ionic hair dryers emit negative ions that helps reduce frizz and will hold the style longer in your hair.  This is also incorporated in a Tourmaline dryer. 

Tourmaline Titanium

Tourmaline and Tourmaline Titanium are the 2 newest technologies.  Titanium plates on an iron or a dryer made out of titanium greatly reduces the weight.  It also maintains a constant heat throughout the dryer or iron, which is better for your hair.  Tourmaline Titanium provides exceptional heat conductivity. The ionic generator emits a higher concentration of ions, enhancing tourmaline's natural ions, to more effectively eliminate frizz and close the hair's cuticle. The dynamic combination of Tourmaline and Titanium allows stylists to achieve professional results on any hair type or texture.

Centrix Q Zone Tourmaline Hair Dryer

The Centrix Q Zone hair dryer seems to be the favorite because of it's power and how quiet the dryer is.  Our stylists rave about how they can have conversations with their clients while they're drying their hair!  It's almost unheard of. What sets the Q Zone Hair Dryer apart is the motor is laid horizontal, which minimizes the amount of noise that the dryer will make.  This dryer features Tourmaline, Ceramic and Ionic Technology. Features: •  Insanely Quiet™ technology greatly reduces salon noise pollution. •  Powerful energy efficient 1500 watt 2 speed high performance motor – offers the power of 1875 Watts. •  CERAMIC TOURMALINE for healthier looking hair, shine and moisture. •  IONIC technology helps reduce drying time dramatically. •  LIGHTWEIGHT and ERGONOMICALLY designed for styling comfort. •  COLD SHOT DUAL POSITION button allows activation from handle or barrel grip. •  3 Heat Settings •  8' heavy duty cord. •  Removable concentrator attachment. •  100% Recycled Packaging •  1 Yr Warranty •  Switch perfect for both right and left handed stylist. Retail Price:  $549.99 Your Price:  $149.99

Babyliss Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Hair Dryer

For the money, this is the best dryer that we have.   This is the new, improved model of the Babyliss Tourmaline 5000 Hair Dryer. BabylissProTT 1900 Watt Dryer: Ultra-light weight, 6 heat/speed settings with an instant Cool Shot button, and an ergonomic design make the BabylissPRO TT dryer exceptionally comfortable and easy to handle. Far-infrared heat dries the hair from the inside out, at faster speeds, to create silky, smooth styles in half the time.Features: • Tourmaline Titanium Technology • High Torque, Ultra-Lightweight 1900 Watt • Ion Generator • 6 Heat/Speed Settings • Cool Shot • Easy-to-clean back filter (removable) • Limited 50 month warranty • Supreme Heat and Air Pressure Retail:  $200.00 Sale Price:  $69.99

Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Hair Dryer

This is our most popular dryer.  The BabylissPro TT 1900 Watt Dryer is ultra light, has 6 heat/speed settings, an instant cool shot button and is ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable handling. Far-infrared heat dries hair from the inside out at faster speeds, leaving it silky and smooth in half the time. Features:• Tourmaline Titanium Technology • 1900 Watts • Ultra-Lightweight Design • 6 Heat/Speed Settings • Cold Shot • Soft-Touch Rubberized Finish • Lightweight • Supreme heat and air pressure • Limited 24 Month Warranty Retail Price:  $160.00 Sale Price:  $59.99

Wigo Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer

The Wigo Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt hair dryer is a professional hair dryer.  This dryer comes with a diffuser and concentrator to help you set your styles.  Features:• CONSTANT ION Performance • Newly engineered lightweight professional motor • Extra-quiet performance • Velocity - 620 ft./min. - increased airflow • 2 speeds / 4 heats • Cool shot button to set the style • Recessed heat and speed switches to prevent accidental change of settings during operation • Removable lint filter for easy cleaning • Attachments included: Tourmaline Infused Finger Diffuser, Concentrator • Narrow nozzle for directed airflow • 9-ft. professional cord • Hanging ring and cord guard • Pro-Guard® safety plug with test and reset features for immersion shock protection • 3-Year warranty

Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3000 Hair Dryer

Turbo Power Inc. manufactures only quality hairdryers. They incorporate old world Italian craftsmanship with modern technology to bring you products that work for you. These products have been designed with the hair professional in mind from the minds of hair professionals. Utilizes a special patented device that reduces static electricity and stress on the hair, and this means healthier hair! Features: •  75 cubic meters air/hour for fast drying •  4 temperatures plus cold air •  2 speeds •  Anti-overheating device •  Equipped with 2 nozzles, the 1st for blow-waves, the 2nd for drying •  Removable stainless steel filter •  3 meters of strong cable.  Made in Italy •  1875 Watts

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