What Pravana Hair Color Should You Dye Your Hair?

When you want to achieve the appearance you desire, sometimes all it takes is a change of color. Pravana hair color products are one of the most popular hair dying formulas available in the beauty industry. Hair professionals and stylists in salons across the nation rely on Pravana’s amazing ability to lock color into tresses for their clients, and it can be mixed to achieve practically any hair color because of its versatility.


With so many Pravana hair tones available, how do you know which one will look best? Deciding on the right color for your self-image doesn’t have to feel like searching endlessly amongst a rainbow of hair dyes. Here’s some advice that will help you pick a shade for your locks.

 Blonde Pravana

Make Sure the Color Corresponds with Your Skin Color. Your overall look is heavily defined by the combination of your hair color and skin tone. Take note of your skin color when looking at color choices. For a blended, natural appearance, the hair shade should match the tone of your skin. But if you’d rather have a more dramatic presence, create contrast in colors between your hair and skin.


Find Out if Your Lifestyle Will Permit it. Are you enrolled in a school with a strict dress code or working a job that requires you to abide by their dress code regulations? Questions such as these will help you determine if the hair color you want will accommodate your lifestyle.


Consider the trends of the Season. If you are looking to be up-to-date with what’s in style for the season, pick a shade that pairs well with the time of the year. For example, fall brings hues of light neutral browns and golden strawberry while summer peaks platinum blonde and honey highlights.


Express Your Personality. Who says you have to conform to natural shades and trending styles? Make your look unique with vibrant hues that speak to your individuality. Pravana has a wide range of jaw-dropping shades that will make you stand out from the crowd, such as neons and pastels.

 Pravana Neons

These guidelines can turn you in the right direction for the hair color that works best for your style and appearance. Incorporating these aspects into the decision-making process of your hair color can only lead you on the right track. Winding up with a head full of hues you didn’t intend for can turn into the ultimate bad hair day. It is very important to choose the color wisely.


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