You've Heard of Ionic... But What About Haionic?

Do as the Salons Do

The latest hair dryer developments have recently been the buzz of hair salons and magazines.  The Hai Elite Turbo Haionic hairdryer uses new innovative ionic tourmaline technology that leaves your hair dry faster, healthier, and smoother than ever before!  This dryer does not mess around!

  1. It's Fast.  This dryer seriously dries hair in half the normal time!
  2. Shhh.  It's quiet. Despite its drying power, the dryer surprisingly makes very little noise
  3. It's light.   At only 13oz, you don't have to worry about your arm getting tired mid blowout!
  4. Tourmaline Technology.  Tourmaline provides a more intense negative ion.  Negative ions allow the hair to retain some moisture and as a result adds more shine and less frizz!

What the Media is Saying

Anne Kim, the Editor-in-Chief of Audrey Magazine listed the dryer as one of her editor's picks for the February 2009 issue, saying it "gets the frizzies out without damaging my ends...a solid go-to dryer for your styling needs." The most recent issue of American Salon Magazine says the dryer, "locks in moisture, seals in color and stabilizes the pH level of the hair."  (All in One!)    

Can't Get Enough Hai?

To really get that salon finished blowout, use the ceramic coated Hai Elite 1" Round Brush during your dry.  The ceramic barrel of the brush traps even more negative ions to add to your hair's smoothness, and increase drying time even more!  And, check out some professional salon shampoos that are also available for at home use!

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