The Importance of Round Thermal Brushes in Hair Styling

Every hairdresser and stylist probably knows that thermal hair brushes are the perfect tool for shaping locks into a shiny, long-lasting style. The invention of round brushes revolutionized the method for styling hair with a blow dryer. With thermal brushes, the metal of the brush heats up to work with the hair strands as styling is in operation. If you don’t own a round thermal brush yet, it is definitely worth having one. There are various types of thermal round brushes in the hair industry that are made to handle different hair textures. The bristles, body and design vary from thermal brush to thermal brush.


Benefits to Hair

Women who have very textured hair may propose that they can’t brush their hair because it is too difficult to manage. However, occasionally brushing the locks puts the hair follicles at an advantage when it comes to maintenance and health. Round thermal brushes, as well as other brush types, help to distribute sebum from the scalp to the ends of the hair. A good brushing session also grooms the cuticle of the hair strands, as well as provides scalp stimulation. And, of course, it gets rid of knots!  

Styling Concepts

When it comes to round thermal brushes, the amount of curl depends on the barrel size of the brush. A 2-inch barrel will smooth the hair out and add a flip if desired, while a smaller barrel of 1.5 inches will provide more curls and volume. A high-quality round thermal brush will assist with the dexterity needed to polish the hair strands. However, the original texture of the hair and the length also has an effect on the styling outcome. Thermal round brushes range in shapes and features, such as microfiber bristles, concave shaped barrels, ceramic metal and more.


Featured Product: Centrix Heat Boss Thermal Brushes

If you are in need of professional-grade thermal round brushes, we at Image Beauty are your go-to source. We sell a variety of thermal brushes from top labels of the hair industry in our online beauty supply. One of our newest thermal brush products in stock are Centrix Heat Boss Thermal Brushes by Cricket, which range in price depending on their barrel width. We offer the 1.75-inch, the 1.5-inch and the 2-inch Heat Boss Thermal Brushes.

 The Centrix Heat Boss Thermal Brushes are constructed with a heat force dial that, when closed, makes the brush hot and, when opened, keeps the brush cool for styling purposes. The heat force dial is an innovative patent-pending feature that allows the stylist to have control over the heat and temperature of the barrel. The thermal round brushes by Centrix have tourmaline, ionic and ceramic infused bristles that can withstand heat up to 570 degrees. The seamless barrel is chrome plated to produce a polished, smooth finish on the hair. The handle is designed in a form that allows complete comfort and control for handling. 

You can depend on us at Image Beauty to supply you with the hair tools needed to achieve the perfect look. 

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