You hair what you eat

According to a recent WebMD article, what you're eating can have just as much effect on your hair as your hair products.  Chicago based dietician, Dawn Jackson Blatner, says, "If you eat a healthy diet, you will grow stronger and healthier cells throughout your entire body - inside and out."  Foods like salmon (contains Omega-3's which contribute to health scalps), nuts (contain zinc which helps prevent shedding), and low-fat dairy products (contain calcium, which aids in hair growth) are among the list of healthy hair foods. While its important to follow a healthy diet, there's also beauty products that can help your hair along like Moroccanoil Oil Treatment, or LEALUO hair treatment, which adds to shine and softness of hair, or CHI Organic Olive Nutrient Spritz that combines natural oils and extracts with active hair spray ingredients.  Also great for your hair is Citre Shine Split End Mender, a miracle formula that contains pure citrus extracts that restores and protects split ends.   So while you're choosing the right foods, also choose the right hair products.  Both can have some positive, glowing effects on your tresses!

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