What Not to Do When Caring for Color Treated Hair

Changing hair color is a way of expressing ourselves; from neon brights and platinum blonde, to natural tones and soft highlights. You’ve spent a great deal of time letting the color sink into your locks to achieve the beautiful shade you desire – but what about making the color last? To keep the pigment locked in your tresses, it needs to be taken care of the right way. When you put the focus on your maintenance routine, it will do more than make the color stick; the vibrancy and shine factor will last as well!


Most people know what to do to keep their hair healthy and looking fabulous. However, there’s a number of things you shouldn’t do if you want your color-treated hair to prolong.



-          Use Low Quality Haircare Products. It is imperative that color-treated hair is as moisturized as possible. The best haircare systems to use are ones that are specifically manufactured for enhancing and maintaining dyed hair. Opt for shampoo and conditioners by leading manufacturers of the beauty industry, such as Rusk hair products or Pureology. The Fullfyl collection by Pureology is a 100% vegan formula that provides density and texture.

-          Damage the Tresses by Using Hair Ties. Color-treated hair can be susceptible to damage depending on what type of hair you have. To avoid disaster, resist using hair products that can make it worse, like elastic hairbands and stubbly brushes. Instead, use a wooden brush for less-harsh detangling and put your locks up with Goomee, the Markless Hair Loop.

-          Shower with Hot Water. When the water is at an extremely high temperature, the color strips away faster from the hair follicles. Cool or lukewarm showers are your hair’s best friend.   

-          Style Hair with Hot Tools Without Prepping It First. Before you apply the blow dryer or the flat iron, make sure your hair is dry and rub in a fortifying leave-in conditioner. It will protect the hair from cooking and frying. Finish up the style with a protective hairspray.

-          Submerge Your Hair in Chlorine Swimming Pools. Okay, that rule is one that is hard to follow, especially on hot summer days! But, the chlorine can damage your hair color and cause it to turn an ugly green hue. Wear a swim cap or put in a protective leave-in conditioner while your hair is wet in H20. 


By following these “don’ts”, your color-treated hair will look amazing and have elongated color. For intense color, check out the Pravana hair color products available at our online store!

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