Father's Day Gift Ideas Part 4: Shaving Essentials

Shaving products - definitely a safe bet for Dad considering that about 90% of all adult males shave at least once a day.  We've put together a men's shaving essentials checklist for Dad.  Do some snooping, find out what he's missing, and you will be smoothsailing.

Exfoliating Face Wash

It is important that before a shave, Dad washes his face with an exfoliating face scrub.  Ideally, he will shave right after the shower too.  These two things open pores, and make hair softer, which ultimately prevents razor burn and ingrown hairs.  We recommend Lab Series Face Scrub, which actively exfoliates the skin's texture, prepping it for shaving.  If his skin is a little more sensitive, he may want to try Woody's Exfoliating Pre Shave Cleanser, which is specifically design to exfoliate without irritating the skin.

Shaving Cream

Dad probably has some version of shaving cream already, but a good one should be designed to lubricate the skin while also protective from razor burn, nicks, and cutst.  We recommend Ahava for Men Foam Free Silk Shave Cream, which is designed especially to provide the smoothest, irritant-free shave possible.  For extra sensitive skin, we also recommend the best selling Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream, an extra-creamy formula that's both fragrance-free and oil-free.   Another great product is Murad Man Cleansing Shave Cream.  It's a combo cleanser and shave cream all in one, creates with Murad's exclusive beard softening complex.   Shave creams should be applied with a proper shaving brush, like the Luxor Professional Shaving Brush, which is made with badger hair, the widely accepted most effective type of bristle for shaving brushes.

Shave Gel

Shaving gels have become more popular recently because they are easy to apply and create an even smoother surface for razors.  However, because shave gels are thicker than shave cream, they are more likly to be greasy and to clog pores.  One shave gel we've found that won't leave any greasy residue is Clubman Smooth Shave Gel.


There are a few kinds of razors Dad can use.  A basic safety razor can come with anywhere from one to five blades.  But if he wants a really close shave, he can opt to use a professional razor, like the Luxor Professional Barber Shaver or the Diamond Edge Razor. Traditional blades like these create the smoothest possible shave, free of razor burn or bumps.  Just make sure Dad knows how to use it! These blades are sharp and can be dangerous if not used properly.

After Shave

After shave is extremely important when shaving. Dave should apply it after shaving to help healing small nicks that that can't always be felt or seen right away.  Many after shaves are alcohol based and can dry out the skin - so make sure that Dad pats it on gently.  Ralph Lauren Polo Original After Shave Splash is one of the most popular after shaves.  Ralph Lauren also makes Polo Blue, Polo Black, and Polo Explorer After Shaves. Men's skin care lines are now seeing the effectiveness of a good after shave lotion, and have created specialty products that are formulated specifically to cater to skin irritations.  One that we discussed a few months ago, is Tend-Skin Liquid, the most effective formula we've found to protect skin from ingrown hairs and razor burn. Another great product is Murad Man Razor Burn Rescue, which helps treat and fight razor burn by unclogging pores and adding moisture with a combination of healing antioxidants like Vitamin E and Panthenol.

Shaving Kits and Travel Sets

If you're still unsure of what to get Dad, we also have several complete Shaving Kits that include travel sized versions of everything Dad could ever want for the perfect shave.   Caswell-Massey Sandalwood Smooth Operator Shave Kit(a $90 value for only $59.49)

 Caswell-Massey Sandalwood Shaving To-Go Set(a $37 value for only $25.49)

 Clubman Shave Club Travel Pack(only $8.99!) - All clubman products are formulated with aloe vera to help sooth skin and prevent razor burn and irritation.

Further Reading

On Lab Series' Official Website, they provide an excellent "Guide to the Perfect Shave."  Perhaps print out a copy and include it with Dad's gift!

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