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HerStyler straighteners are made with quality materials and tested to ensure successful results. Below are some hightlights and features of HerStyler Straighteners. 100% Solid Ceramic Plates Our flat iron straightener is made up of 100% nonmetallic material called ceramic. This is a natural material that produces negative ions- protecting your hair from damage or dryness and maintains your hair&rsquo-s natural moisture. (click here to learn more about ceramic) Goodbye Frizz- Hello Beauty Watch your frizzy- crimped- curly- or wavy hair turn to beautiful silky smooth straight hair in minutes. With HerStyler?you can straighten- smooth and control frizzy or untamable hair for long-lasting results leaving you with the hair you always wanted. Curl it. Straighten it- Flip it in- Flip it out-You control your style! Can be used for any hair types. Variable Heat Intensities Has a variable temperature control knob so that you can adjust the heat to meet your needs. You can set your hair straightener to a maximum of 200 &ordm-C or a minimum of 80 &ordm-C- allowing you to control and select the right temperature that best suits your hair type. Ergonomic Design- For All Hair Types. Sleek and Lightweight. Affordability - Save money on hair dressers! Convenience - Choose for you the right time to style your hair- don&rsquo-t comit yourself to specific time for the hair salon. Light and small- you can carry it with you to anywhere you go!

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