Why Winter Sun Protection is a Must

For most of us, the first time we had ever been exposed to sunscreen was by our mothers slathering it all over us while she fussed about the importance of its use. sunFrom adolescence to the teenage years we rebelled one time or another and found out the hard way that too little sunscreen could turn into a painful situation.  Sunburn is a common occurrence when we fail to either use sunscreen.  We only think about sunscreen in the summer but the thing is, sunscreen isn’t just for the beach. Sure our skin can get burned by the sun but, it also can receive the same damage from the cold as well especially in seriously cold weather. Winter sunburn is something everyone should worry about. wintersunAt Image Beauty, we’re all about helping our readers get the best of the best when it comes to their beauty regiment so of course we have some sunscreens that are perfect to combat the damage that winter chill and sun can cause. Here are a three amazing brand name favorites you can get both online and in store.

Dermalogica Redness Relief SPF 20spf20

Redness can easily lead to dryness and flaky skin so to nip it in the bud, use redness relief by Dermalogica. No matter your skin type, it’s very likely that you have experienced redness, whether it is from the sun or the cold. There is an even greater chance that this has caused some form of skin irritation afterwards. Well with Redness Relief your redness prone skin will benefit greatly from this three-in-one SPF moisturizer that not only will protect you from harmful UV rays and damaging elements, but will also help minimize flare ups.

Banana Boat Ultra Defense Sunscreen Stick

Our face is the most vulnerable place on our body when it comes to protecting it from the cold weather. bundled upThe main reason is that it is harder to cover up our faces like we do our hands and bodies.  Prolonged exposure to harsh weather can be adverse to your skin but, so can even a quick blast of frigid air. bananaboatWell whether you find your stay out in the cold prolonged or not, this sunscreen gives quick protection to your most sensitive spots. The great thing about the Ultra Defense Sunscreen Stickis that it can be worn under makeup so you don’t have to forgo beauty for the sake of winter weather protected skin.  

palladio uv defensePalladio UV Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15

In addition to your sunscreen, make sure you keep your skin moisturized. Using a dual sunscreen that works as a UV protectant and moisturizer is your best bang for a buck. Palladio UV Defensedaily moisturizer is a great example of a moisturizing sun block. Even with its two in one capability the formula is light weight and non-greasy which makes it comfortable to wear all day long as well as daily use. It will protect your delegate skin from the signs of premature aging that sun damage can cause.

Share your secretes to keeping healthy skin in the winter in the comments section!

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