Why Be Pretty When You Can Be Gorgeous?

NEW! Chocolate and Pearls Collection from Too Faced

Too Faced is known for having trendy and fun shades and products all living up to their slogan: "Why be pretty, when you can be gorgeous?"  The name  of their Spring collection, Chocolate and Pearls, goes along with this sort of fun, decadent  sophistication.  From the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer to the Girls Dig Pearls Lip Gloss, this collection is truly the definition of classy exuberance. From researching the new collection, one thing we couldn't get enough of was the great layout and interactivity of Too Faced's Official Website.  The site has a ton of celebrity photos from different events the brand has thrown or sponsored.  It also features several step-by-step tutorials.  Specifically, they offer their official Chocolate & Pearls Step by Step Tutorial on how the wear the new Spring colors just right.  Here are some highlights from their tutorial:

girls-dig-pearlsStep 1: Skin Perfecting

Apply Too Faced's Invisible Translucent Powder to prep the skin using the flat kabuki powder brush.  It's perfect for all skin tones and is on vitamin overload with vitamins A, B, C, D, andE! 

Step 2: Bronze

Apply Too Faced's Chocolate Soleil Bronzerfirst in a "W" motion from temple to nose and then in a "C" motion around the eyes (from forehead to cheekbone). 

Step 3: Shadow

Apply a small amount of the new Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer over the entire lid to prep the eyes for shadow.  To create a great smokey effect, they recommend apply their Eyeshadow Duo in "Beauty Mark" (using the lighter tone on the inner eyelid and under the brown bone and the darker shade on the middle to the outside of the lid).  For a more subtle look, we recommend using the new Lockdown Cream Shadow in Bondageon the lids.

Step 4: Inject Lashes with Drama

Too Faced recommends applying two to four coats of their new Lash Injection Mascara.  Here's a great video that demonstrates exactly how to use their mascara wand

Step 5: Gloss it Up

First, line lips using the new Luxurious Luster Liner in the golden plum shade called Caspian.  Too Faced recommends you fill in your entire lips with the pencil.  Lastly, apply the Mermaid Shade of the new Girls Dig Pearls lip gloss for some deliciously shiny lips. Chocolate and Pearls give us something else to be thankful for this Spring!  Don't forget to enter coupon code 2Face5 for $5 savings on orders of $25 or more!  We can't wait to see what Too Faced has in store for their summer collection!

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