Which SPF Sunscreen is Right for You?

You’re evaluating your beauty supply at home to see what you need to make the transition to summer. You notice you are running low on quality sunscreen. Depending on where you live in the country, you may or may not have bought any in months due to cold weather climates. How do you determine which SPF will thoroughly protect your skin from the sun? There’s a broad spectrum on the SPF range, from level 4 all the way past 100. In addition to that, tons of sunscreen products are available on the market that offers different perks. Picking the right one takes a bit of consideration.




To figure out which SPF is most beneficial for your skin type, there are a few factors you can look at. The first tactic is to identify how your skin handles the sun. Does your skin burn easily? Is your skin extremely sensitive? Are you able to achieve a minimal tan? Do you have deeply pigmented skin? By finding this out, you’ll be able to develop an idea of how the sun’s UV rays impact your skin.


The intensity of the sun is another factor to consider. Nature can increase or decrease the harmful effects of the sun in many ways:

  • Elevation
  • Distance from the equator
  • Geographic location
  • Time of the year
  • Time of the day
  • Length of time outside
  • The Pigment of Skin


Obviously, the higher the SPF number is, the greater protection you will have. Many individuals make the mistake of thinking that by reapplying the same level of sunscreen over and over, they will decrease their chance of getting burnt. Unfortunately, this is untrue. Reapplying the same SPF sunscreen does not extend protection. When calculated mathematically, each level of SPF provides protection for a certain amount of time, with higher levels being the longest amount of time and lower levels being the shortest amount of time.


By evaluating these factors, you can pick which SPF level is best to wear during your summer activities. Not every store offers a wide range in SPF sunscreen. But at Image Beauty, we do! We literally have every SPF sunscreen on the scale available. And they are priced at below their retail value! We carry sunscreen products by Ocean Potion, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic, NO AD, Derma E, and Pharmagel Sun Therape. Don’t get burnt – you’ll regret it!


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