What Do All Of These Technologies Actually Mean?

I know, it can be extremely confusing.  Manufacturer's are always coming out with "new" technologies to try and spruce up their products.  But does anyone know what they actually mean? Thankfully for us, LaunchPad Magazine recently did a feature on these terms to help you make the right buying decision.  Let's take a walk-through, shall we?

Beveled Plates

What:  Hair iron plates with beveled edges Why:  Improve ability to straighten or create curls, waves, flips and ringlets


What:  An inorganic crystalline material Why:  Ceramic hair iron plates and blow dryer parts retain heat better than metal and host tourmaline particles (see Tourmaline below)

Far-Infrared Heat:

What:  Smooth, gentle heat wave that penetrates the cuticle without burning. Why:  Minimizes heat damage; distributes heat more evenly and gently; accelerates dry time

Lithion Ion Battery/Technology:

What:  Rechargeable battery technology popular for use in portable electronics. Why:  Lithion ion batteries hold charges longer than non-chargeable lithium batteries and can be recharged more times than other rechargeable battery types; better for the environment and more convenient for stylist.


What:  A science that works with matter on a molecular level-a nonometer is one-billionth of a meter in size. Why:  Smaller particles of certain materials and substances can better penetrate hair for more effective results.  Examples: Nanosilver:  Silver particles kill harmful microbes inhabiting human skin and hair to optimize results. Nanotitanium oxide:  Titanium (see below) particles sterilize and purify, lifting deposits and odor during styling, and inhibiting chemical buildup.

Negative Ions/Ionic Technology:

What:  Negatively charged particles naturally produced from the semiprecious gem stone tourmaline. Why:  Neutralize harmful particles and deposits; reduce positive static charge to minimize frizz and create smoother, silkier hair.


What:  Chemical element also known as "space-age metal" Why:  In hair irons, a very durable and excellent conductor of heat; enhances the effect of the ions produced by ceramic tourmaline components.


What:  Crystal silicate mineral compound classified as a semiprecious gem that emits a measurable ionic charge; can be suspended in ceramic Why:  Seals in moisture, protects hair, reduces static electricity and enhances shine


What:  Technology that produces sound waves and vibrations in frequencies beyond human hearing ability Why:  An alternative to heat; can help hair products penetrate more deeply   Which technology is your favorite in hair tools?  Do you use a combination?    
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