We're loving...Robert Piguet Fragrances

Robert Piguet fragrances are some of the most coveted perfumes in the world.  The late designer has been influencing the world of fashion and beauty since he first opened his prestigious fashion salon back in 1933 on the famous Champs Elysee in Paris.  Piguet, known in the fashion industry as, "the most Parisian of fashion designers" is responsible for training many of the great talents of our time. (His students included Christian Dior, Hubert de Givency, and James Galanox.)  While Piguet's fashion accomplishments are certainly widely acclaimed in the fashion world,  his collection of fragrances that have really withstood the changing times.  Robert Piguet fragrances are said to "have a particular feel very characteristic of his trademarks: strict adherence to good taste, true luxury, a horror of the commonplace and an innate sense of seduction. [robertpiguetparfums.com].  In the past few years, his scents have be recreated to reflect modern times, while still keeping intact the notes of the originals.  Each of the five fragrances reflects a distinct mood and personality.  Which one is you?


"Daring, exotic, and sultry" For his very first scent, Piguet created Bandit, a fragrance for women that evoked mischievousness that no other scent had ever done.  It is called the "fragrance of provocateurs," for women who aren't afraid to take risks, to be exotic, and to keep a certain mystery within them.


"Fresh, bold, and stylish" Cravacheis the sole Piguet men's fragrance.  It contains notes of citrus like mandarin and lemon.  Cravache means "riding crop," the small leather whip that is used by horseback riders and means to evoke the sense of traditional equestrian outings (minus the smell of horses).


"Sexy, modern, unique" Visa was designed for the woman on the go, and is probably the most exotic of all his fragrances.  It is referred to as "its wearer's passport to an exotic encounter," and the "fragrance for those who expect the exceptional."  It is a really unique blend of spices, flowers, and fruits from all over the world.


"Romantic, feminine, and young at heart" As his final fragrance before Piguet died, Baghori was created for the more reserved woman, though it still contains a hint of exoticness like the others.  It is simply more of a "balance of innocence and voluptuousness."  This soft floral fragrance


"Provocative, yet pure" By far the most popular and recognizable fragrances of the entire Piguet collection is Fracas.  It is referred to as "the most coveted of fragrances" and the "signature fragrance for those who want to make an unforgettable impression."   Fracas has graced the pages of countless beauty magazines for being a favorite major celebrities (Madonna, Uma Thurman, and Martha Stewart have all admitted to loving the fragrance).  It is also a favorite for some major couture fashion designers like Marc Jacobs and Stefano Gabbana (of Dolce & Gabbana).  It is definitely a fragrance for women who want to be remembered.  Fracas' major note is the Tuberose flower, which is considered the "caviar of perfumery" but it's so expensive!  It is an extremely unique scent and has really become representative of Tuberose, that many people have come to associate the scent of Tuberose with Fracas, instead of with the flower.  [Allure] 

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