Ways to Shape your Eyebrows

While some of us are naturally blessed with perfectly formed brows, many of us need to shape the hairs to achieve the arch and style that ideally highlights our face. There are different methods through which ladies (and gents) can achieve the smooth, clean look they desire, the most popular ones being listed below: Plucking A method that we've all tried at least once in our lives, the pulling of individual hairs is easy and cheap. Because of the patience and control that goes into the process, it is much more difficult to make a mistake when using tweezers, making this ideal for those individuals who want to do the process at home. While some find the practice relatively painless, others may find it uncomfortable - to minimize the irritation, pluck your eyebrows immediately after getting out of the shower, as the steam opens up the follicles and softens the hairs. Additionally, your skin is most sensitive right before menstruation, so it may be best to wait. Waxing With one quick rip against the direct of the hairs, those pesky strays can be gone. Yes it undoubtedly hurts, but the good news is that it only has to be done once every few weeks. Furthermore, repeated waxing may kill the follicles and stop the hair from growing entirely. The wax will take off the  top layer of dead skin cells to leave the area irritated, so it's best to apply a cold washcloth afterwards to sooth the area, or find an noninflammatory wax. While there are kits to wax your own eyebrows at home, be careful - it is all too easy to make dramatic mistakes in a matter of mere seconds, so leaving your brows in the hands of a professional may be a wise move. Threading An ancient practice, it is growing in popularity today, as it plucks multiple hairs out at once without irritating the skin with chemicals. It also can get many of the smaller hairs that might have been overlooked by plucking to create a clean shape. It is nearly impossible to do to yourself, so going to a professional is a must; however, the cost of threading is usually less than waxing. Electrolysis With this method, a small needle is used to carry an electrical current through the unwanted eyebrow hairs to prevent them from growing back. While this procedure must be repeated numerous times, it will stop all future growth. With the involvement of the needle comes a stinging discomfort and, because of the lasting effects, will be the most expensive if measured per session. While the process is extremely accurate, there is the risk of skin discoloration if the technician performing the electrolysis is unskilled. To make the most of your brows, reflect carefully on what shape will best flatter the features of your face and remember that a small mistake is not the end of the world; with some careful combing and usage of an eyebrow pencil, common mistakes like over plucking or stripping away the wrong hairs can easily be addressed.
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