Vicky - Fall Fashion I Love

Fall is here! I have had my first pumpkin latte and gone apple picking with my friends . . . my favorite season is upon us! In my humble opinion, autumn brings opportunities for the best fashion of the year. I love doing lots of layers, the thinner the better; the weather is finicky, so I like being able to add or take off a layer or two if necessary. One of my favorite looks to rock are tights with chunky sweaters.  I love the comfort of leggings and the coziness of big sweaters. I often always wear an extra long tank top under my sweater that covers my tuckus, as tights are not pants and I like to keep it classy. I like to finish off the look with knee high boots; one chilly breeze and your legs will be so happy for the leather protection. Another look I enjoy is colored denim, which comes in a variety of fun patterns and colors. Thicker than tights, it's a great choice for those colder days or outfits with shorter tops that don't quite cover my bottom. My personal favorite look is this floral dresses with tights and knee-high boots, topped off with a bright cardigan. The best trick is to wear solid dark opaque tights with lighter fishnets over top, as it adds a lot of texture to this look but without seeming overwhelmingly busy. Plus, all the layers are easily achieved for under $20!

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