Vicki - What Makes Me Feel Beautiful

I feel beautiful -- I don't usually say that statement out loud. However I do feel beautiful when I am laughing and sharing life experiences with friends. As I like to say, "personality first.” I continually build on myself by reading books, joining clubs, taking classes, going to art galleries and staying abreast on current events; all these make for good conversation and allows me to bring substance to the table. Beauty will fade, but interesting people will forever be invited to dinner parties! Also, fitness makes me feel beautiful, and I don’t mean the running-on-a-treadmill-and-eating-only-carrots-to-lose-weight kind of health. I really feel successful and beautiful when I am making myself stronger. I love pushing my body to the absolutely breaking point, and then doing the same thing two days later, only to have it not hurt anymore (okay, okay, it "hurts less"). The first time I successfully did 50 pushups I almost cried at the gym; not because it hurt but because it took so long and I had to work so hard to get there. Recently, I rode my bicycle 70+ miles in a race to the beach, wearing only a bikini. I can honestly say I have never felt so sexy or comfortable with my body. It was an amazing experience to lay on that beach next to my bike, exhausted but so filled with joy from successfully accomplishing that goal. Moments like these make me feel beautiful.

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