Turbo Ion: New Products and New Technology

Turbo Ion, the manufacturer of the always popular CROC Flat Irons and Hair Dryers, continues to lead the industry with the introduction of innovative technologies including Nano Technology, which yields negative ions, infrared rays, nano elements and photo catalyst.  These new technologies provide numerous tool performance enhancing effects which are listed below;   Infrared Rays:  Infrared Rays provide faster heat penetration through the hair from the outer surface to the cortex, saving time and the integrity of the hair.  Thermal conduction creates a uniform temperature inside and out leaving less frizz and friction damage while sanitizing the hair.  Infrared rays also minimize damage to the cuticle layer by the elimination of internal and external chafting of the hair making styling easier.  It also keeps the desired temperature constant with no sudden fluctuations, and leaves the hair resilient with detoxifying and deodorizing effects. CROC Infrared Flat Iron 1 1/2"  68348 CROC Infrared Flat Iron 1" Other Benefits:  Stimulates hair growth, Keeps Moisture Balance on hair and Protects Color Treated Hair.  To learn more about Infrared Irons and their benefits, click here. Dual Plates:  CROC's patented dual heating plate technology provides 3X the smoothing power than other irons available today.  CROC's patented technology features two separate heating elements, positioned in the top plate to generate 2X the heat, while the bottom plate hosts its own separate heating element.  A true innovation in professional styling. Automatic Temperature Reserve (ATR): Another patent pending, innovative design brought to you by the CROC team of engineers, ATR is a revolutionary design in both safety and function.  Automatic Temperature reserve will automatically reduce the working temperature to 370 Degrees when unattended between uses (great for stylists).  When picked up, the temperature will quickly climb back to the reserve temperature.  This functional feature prevents premature iron wear while protecting your working area. Auto Shut Off: A special safety feature that helps to protect the user and their environment.  When the iron is left unattended for 30 min, the Auto shut off feature is activated.  Your iron will manually power itself off. 100% Ceramic Barrel: Ceramics are natural producers of Far Infra Red light waves known as "The Light of Life".  Utilizing pure ceramic materials, we can heat efficiently through far-infrared radiation.  FIR heats objects directly, eliminating split ends, frizz, and does not overly heat the hair which may cause damage to the hair cuticle.  Results show shinier, healthier, longer lasting styles. Ceramic Balls: 100% Ceramic Spheres helpt to activate and ionize water molecules while purifying the air.  The ceramic ball filters the air containing dangerous Carbon dioxide to a combination of pure oxygen and negative ions that helps to purify and repair the hair.   New to CROC:    683491 Infrared Flat Iron 1 1/2"  Nano Titanium Designer Flat Iron with Auto Shut Off Feature

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