Trendy Boots for the Season

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the air's consistent chill, it's officially time to put away the ballet flats and strappy high heels in favor of a warmer kind of footwear, boots. Sexy, practical and timeless, strut into the holiday season with style with some of the hot trends listed below:

The Black Riding boot

An essential for this fall is the black riding boot. This boot is a classic and literally goes with everything. You can dress it down with leggings and an oversized shirt or dress it up with a skirt, tights, and a cute blouse! With its low, thick heel and treading, you can wear this footwear all throughout the day without feeling any pain. Plus, its long, sleek appearance will help to make your stems look slim.

 The Ankle Bootie

The ankle bootie has been around for a several years now and it looks as though it might stick around a few more. The bootie is perfect for an occasion that is neither too formal or too laidback. For those who are shorter, opt for a neutral color to avoid an obvious cut off at the ankle. In turn, this will create a visual illusion of longer legs.

The Over-the-Knee (OTK) Boot

This must-have boot for fall is very chic and makes a true fashion statement. Once you get acquainted with this tough thigh-high look, you’ll add instant sex appeal to almost any getup or dress. Heel or no heel, this boot can really spice up any outfit! While this daring look is fantastic for nighttime (especially if you wear it with a bit of skin), you can also rock it during the day by pairing it with dark leggings or skinny jeans, as well as opting for a looser, non-shiny material.

Winter Boots

Unless you live down south where the sun always shines, chances are that you’ll encounter a snowy day or two. To make sure you don’t have to trek through slush with soaked socks and freezing toes, invest in a reliable pair of winter boots. Find ones that are waterproof and have pronounce lugs on the outsole so you can easily navigate slippery conditions. Additionally, it won’t hurt to find a pair that has an antibacterial lining; because waterproof features don’t lend themselves to breathability, your feet may become sweaty from time to time, so attributes that help to limit the buildup of odor will be welcomed.

No matter what style of boot you are purchasing, remember to find a set that is genuinely comfy. When trying them on, consider bringing to the store the kinds of socks that you would typically wear with your footwear; this will allow you to have an accurate idea of how they would fit on a regular basis. Moreover, try to go shoe shopping in the eveings, as our feet actually expand as the day progresses, so shoes bought in the morning may feel tight by the time the sunsets. 

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