Transitioning Hair and Makeup for Summer: a 10-Part Checklist

It’s that time of year again! The wonderful time of year when sundresses and sandals rule the season! While you think about how your wardrobe will change to celebrate the sunshine and warmer weather, don’t forget about your beauty routine! Now is the perfect time to freshen up the beauty products and tools you use to make sure your hair and skin are healthy, happy, and looking their best for all that the summer sun will bring.

We’ve compiled a 10-part checklist to help you get started, In it, we’re offering a handful of easy and fun updates that you can make to your makeup and hair routine to prepare for the months ahead:

1. Lighten Up Your Shampoo and Conditioner

aquage color careWith dry and cold winter weather in the past, warmer temperatures often mean more moisture in the air. Switch up your shampoo and conditioner to a lighter formula than what you have been using for winter. We can’t get enough of the gentle cleansing power of both the Mastey Enove Shampoo and the Mastey Frehair Light Conditioner. Mastey uses a specially formulated system of nutrients for the skin and hair to promote hair volume and movement without added weight. Plus, this shampoo and conditioner are both gentle enough to use as part of your daily routine.

2. Add a Little Shine

With summer sun comes wedding season, graduation season, summer vacations, and lazy afternoons with friends and family. Make sure your hair is looking its best for your favorite summer activities by treating yourself to a hair shine treatment.

While you could schedule an expensive treatment in a salon, save a little money and try an at home treatment instead that you can use all summer long. We are in love with the Aquage Sea Extend Silkening Power Infusion treatment because it is so easy to use and can be used more frequently as a weekly treatment if you decide your hair could use that extra boost.

3. Go Natural with Your Hair Routine

Get ready for spending more time outside by spending less time styling your hair. One hairstyle that seems to always be chic for summer is wavy beach hair, either left as is or spruced up with a braid. Achieve that natural, wavy texture by applying sea salt spray to damp hair in the morning, and either scrunch and leave as is, or add some loose curls with a curling iron or some other heat styling options.

We like the hair sprays because they can easily be used on either dry or damp hair, whether you have naturally curly or not. Plus we love natural hair products that contain amazing ingredients we can pronounce like seaweed, Irish moss, vitamin E, and seaberry oil.

4. Switch Up Your Moisturizer

switch up your moisturizerJust like you should opt for a lighter shampoo and conditioner for summer, you should also be thinking the same thing for your face moisturizer. There is no need to wear heavy moisturizers when summer brings an increase in moisture in the air. We love Murad’s Pore Reform Balancing Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15. This moisturizer has a lightweight formula that won’t clog your pores and contains a myriad of vitamins to promote healthy and vibrant skin. Plus, on top of all of that, this moisturizer contains SPF 15, giving you a needed boost of protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

5. Rethink Your Foundation

Ditch the heavy makeup and let your skin breathe a bit by opting for something lighter. If you haven’t tried a light tinted moisturizer instead of a heavier liquid or thick powder, summer is the perfect time to experiment and go for that make-up free look (only you will know you are still wearing makeup). We love Bare Escentuals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream for just this purpose. It goes on light and smooth, gives you a radiantly natural complexion, and replenishes, hydrates, and nourishes your skin. Warning: you may never want to go back to your traditional foundation again! :)

6. Waterproof Your Brows

Upgrade your old, thin brow pencils for a waterproof pencil with a triangular shape to give you a more natural and long-lasting look. Not only will this save you time and energy by not worrying about re-application, but the ultra-smooth application will give you that natural look which will work just as well if you are dressed down for a backyard barbecue or dressed up for a summer wedding. We love the Cailyn Cosmetic Eyebrow Pencil for these very reasons. Their amazing waterproof formula will give you that extra reason to spend a little longer out at the pool this summer :)

7. Think About Pink

Look natural and fresh for summer by taking a break from heavy face contouring. Instead, try adding just a little hint of warmth to your cheeks with a pink blush or a light bronzer. Not only will you feel fresh and natural, but your face will appreciate the breathing room from layers of makeup. We love this little blush from Bare Escentuals - Hint. It is the perfect pink, easy to apply, and as with any Bare Escentuals blushes, it blends into your specific skin color to give your cheeks a natural looking flush.

8. Add Some Gloss to Those Lips

organic lip shineWhile we definitely love a bold pop of lipstick from time to time, summer is an excuse to go a little softer and feminine with a shiny lip gloss. Easy to wear and effortlessly gorgeous, we love the amazing gloss we get from the Emani Lip Shine products. Not only does their high-shine gloss look amazing, but this is a completely vegan gloss that is full of Vitamin E, natural & organic oils, organic fruit extracts and pure mineral pigments to condition and hydrate your lips. Plus, this long-lasting formula will continue working for hours to keep your lips shining and healthy.

9. Brighten Up Your Nails

Don’t forget your nails! Whether you live for summer nights filled with sunsets and bonfires or you wake up early to catch the sunrise overlooking the beach, spruce up your manicure and pedicure with summer lovin’ colors. Choose from a whole sunny rainbow of pinks, oranges, reds and yellows for your nails. Make sure to protect your color from the sun and sand by adding a good clear topcoat to ensure your color lasts until you are ready for something new.

10. Give Your Makeup Brushes a Good Cleaning

While some dermatologists suggest cleaning your makeup brushes every time you use them, others will say a once a month deep clean should be fine. Either way, makeup brushes should be cleaned frequently to prevent dirt and bacteria buildup that will then go right back to your skin (yuck). While you are in the middle of refreshing the rest of your beauty routine, why not take a look at the brushes you use and do some house cleaning of your makeup brushes?

Replace old brushes that are losing bristles and have seen better days and then deep clean the rest of your brushes to get started fresh for summer. With your new and clean brushes in hand, commit to getting into a good brush cleaning routine to ensure your brushes stay bacteria free and your skin stays happy.

We love Cailyn Cosmetics Pure Ease Brush Spray Cleaner because of the ease and simplicity it brings to your brush cleaning routine. Your face will thank you :)

Wrapping Up

Have fun taking a look at your beauty routines and switching things up for summer! Light and fresh hair, makeup, and nails are perfect for any summer event you have coming up. Not only will your new routines get you into the summer spirit, but your face and hair will be healthier, happier, and better prepared for the months ahead.

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