Top Celebrity Transformations

Across the years, we've seen starlets change their hair color, personal fashion and makeup style, but some some celebrities have taken this a step further to change their very essence. Below are some of our very favorite transformations.

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie’s Hollywood breakthrough came in the late 90s, first with her starring as heroin addicted polysexual supermodel Gia Carangi in the made-for-HBO film Gia, and then with her Oscar winning performance as mentally unhinged sociopath Lisa Rowe in Girl,Interrupted. For a while there her real life persona seemed to mirror the onscreen roles that got her famous.With her strange antics, consistently black attire and stick-straight hair, she had the persona of the ultimate rocker chick.

 These days Angelina Jolie is a loving mother, philanthropist and human rights activist. In between top notch acting gigs, she is helping bring attention to and fight issues like global hunger and war time rape. Even after undergoing a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, which she somehow managed to keep under wraps until the release of her New York Times article, Angelina is the modern model of well cultivated Hollywood refinement and class whether she is walking down the red carpet  or speaking at the G8 World Leader’s Summit in London. With lady like gowns and soft makeup, she is the true definition is goddess-like beauty.



Jennifer Hudson

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Jennifer Hudson may not have won American Idol but she does have an Oscar. Hudson went from a sort of frumpy reality TV star from Chicago to Oscar winner, mother, and Hollywood all-star in a short seven years and we’ve watched her transformation the whole way. Her time on American Idol lead to an Oscar winning role as Effie White in Dreamgirls for which, then a perfectly content size 16, she actually had to put on 20 pounds in two weeks.

After gaining 35 pounds during her pregnancy in 2008, Hudson underwent a dramatic transformation thanks to a partnership with Weight Watchers and world renowned personal trainers. The former Chicago size 16 is now a very svelte size 6. “I look 10 years younger,” she told USA Today in a 2011 interview, one year into her Weight Watchers sponsorship. More important than any number on the scale or polished wardrobe, she is beams with a new confidence that matches her out-of-this-world voice.



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