Top Beauty Trends of the Past Year

Ankle-Strap SandalAs we near the end of 2013, it is time to take a look back on the hottest trends of this year. Some of them we loved, some of them we hated, and some of them we loved and then, unfortunately, began to hate. This list we created below are some of the ones that have popped up this year and we hope won’t go away any time soon. Check them out below and let us know what your favorite trend was this year!

The Ankle-Strap Sandal

A look that was once in many, many years ago has made its comeback! The super strappy platform heels are slowly going away and taking its place is the ankle-strap high-heel sandal. They’re classic, sexy, and much easier to walk in than sky-high platforms.

Ombre Hair

This dip-dye look came in strong for the year 2013 and still has not faded away yet (pun intended). Just about anything goes when it comes to this trendy hair style – the ombre encompasses dark to light, light to dark, and everything and anything in between. This look has been embraced by models on the runway and celebrities as well.

Red Lips

Bored of the plain-old nude lip color trend? Well, lucky for you nude is out and red-stained lips are in. Bright red lipstick, seductive oxblood coloring, and all shades in between have been the hottest trend this fall, as seen with many celebrities and runway shows. This bold look is perfect for a night out in the city and can instantly and easily transform a day-look into a sexy look for a night out on the town. To find the right color for you, check out the longlasting lipsticks by Borghese.

The Cat-Eye

More women in 2013 have opted out of the smokey eye look and opted in for the chic cat-eye style. This look is simple yet makes the eyes pop and creates a superbly feminine and mysterious allure. Doing this new makeup trick takes some practice but once you get it right, it creates an amazing “wow” factor that many love.

2013 was a year of many sexy and daring trends that dared women to embrace bold colors and styles. Ankle-strap sandals, ombre hair, red lips, and the cat-eye are simple yet fashionable and chic trends that can transform any average look into an unforgettable look. We know this year was full of dozens upon dozens of new and interesting trends. Since we only covered our favorite four, we would love to hear what your go-to trend was for this year – Let us know in the comment section!


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