Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin This Summer

Does the summertime heat tend to have a negative effect on your skin? While the chilly air of the colder months makes our skin much drier, the sun’s rays in the summer can cause a lot of damage as well. There are a variety of methods that both men and women can use to care for and protect their skin from scorching temperatures. Whether you are at the beach laying out relaxing in the sun or walking around the crafts at a music festival, your skin should be prepared to embrace the outdoor weather conditions this season. There are numerous skin care products on the market that can assist with skin issues, and Derma E is one that is rich in high-quality components. Acne, dry skin, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles – you name it - and Derma E is your answer. 

At Image beauty, we are proud to offer Derma E products as one of the skin care brands that we carry. We make our products available for customers looking to improve their self-image, as well as professional stylists, salons and beauty retailers. We’d like to highlight Derma E because of their amazing skincare line, which is made out of natural ingredients and vitamins. In our inventory, you will find creams, cleaners, treatments, gels, lotions, scrubs, toners and oils for your skin this summer from Derma E, available at the most affordable rates in our store.

Protecting and maintaining your skin this summer is extremely important because it will keep your body looking healthy for years to come. Doing so will avoid terrible skin conditions that could develop from the sun’s exposure, as well as prevent fast aging. We have come up with a list of tips for you to use as guidelines to care for your skin as you enjoy your summer activities.

Change Out Your Makeup

Makeup that is worn in the winter time should be switched out with makeup that suits the warmer weather, since they each consist of different textures and ingredients. Consider using a lightweight makeup line when you use eye shadow or foundation to allow your pores to breathe. To protect from the sun’s UV rays, use makeup that is high in SPF. That goes for the men too, especially, when it comes to sunblock and lip balm that is.

Wear the Correct SPF

There are many SPF levels available and it can be hard to tell which one will prevent your skin from burning. Judging the color of your skin tone can help you select the right SPF. A rule to follow is that the fairest shades should wear the highest SPF, while darker shades can wear a lower SPF. Always reapply your sunblock, even though it can seem like a hassle. If lotion is too frustrating, try using a spray-on sun block instead. 

Hydrate Your Skin

The summer heat can also dry out your skin, especially if you get sun burn or like to go swimming. The chlorine from the pool and the salt from the ocean can dehydrate the skin. An effective skin hydration is oil, such as coconut oil. Reapply it as often as you like for a clean, smooth appearance that lasts all day. Oil does not wash off as easily as lotion. 

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