Tips for Selecting Fragrances & Perfumes

41q5c+3y1kL._SL500_Perfume is a beauty product that has been around for thousands of years, and continues to be a hit in modern day as men and women continually rely upon it to make a positive, lasting impression upon others. With the countless options available, it is important that you find the scent that best embodies you. Understanding the facets that make up perfumes is very helpful - each distinct scent is made up of layers, otherwise known as "notes", that become evident in procession. Therefore, if you desire a scent that is girly but with seductively musky undertones, you can seek out a spritzer that initially smells like blossoms, fades into the "bouquet" aroma of amber, and then transitions into the final undertone of sandalwood. The majority of these notes can be categorized into four different groupings: Floral, Fresh, Oriental and Woody. Each arena can be further dissected (and combined), as illustrated in the below diagram. Fragrance_Wheel_-by-michael-edwards If traditional perfumes strike you as too heavy-handed, there are subtler alternatives that provide more diluted consistencies. While most perfumes are 15-30% perfume oil, Eau de Parfum scents features 15-18% and Eau de Cologne products offer only 3-5% for a smell that is delicate and subtle. There are also "pure" fragrances that often come in the form of oils that are extracted straight from the source, but these are rather costly. UntitledJust like you wouldn't wear the same dress to the office that you would on a sizzling date, your perfume should not be regarded with a one-size-fits-all mentality. During the daytime, opt for something light and clean and, at night, spritz yourself with something feminine and seductive. Let the seasons guide you; during the warmer months, perhaps wear scents that resonate with citrus, apricot and coconut and, during the colder times of the year, smells of cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin and pine will be especially winning. Furthermore, let your personality shine! If your style is laid back and carefree, perhaps wear a product that is beachy or woody; if you are feminine and refined, a fresh or floral scent may be the way to go.  

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