Thicker, Fuller Lashes? Sounds good to me!

Everyone wants to know the secret to obtaining thicker, fuller eyelashes.  There are many ways to go about this.  You can use false eyelashes, you can use volumizing mascaras, or you can try Line N Grow! Created by Bella Sole' Beauty, Line N Grow is the only all-natural way to actually grow and thicken your eyelashes.  It is also the only treatment that is available in a variety of shades, so it looks like you're actually wearing mascara! 

The Benefits:

Thicker, Darker, Beautiful Lashes in just 4 weeks. All Natural:  Some of the "lash growing products" on the market will actually change the pigment in your eye.  Line N Grow uses All Natural ingredients that are not harmful to your eye. Save $$$$!!!!:  While most of the comparable items on the market retail for $129.99, Line N Grow is very cost-effective at only $39.95/each!

Who Is It For?

Line N Grow is perfect for anyone wanting longer, fuller eyelashes, especially beneficial for those with short, brittle and/or thin lashes.  Clinical studies have shown that Line N Growis safe for contact wearer and/or sensitive eyes. There are 2 products in the Line N Grow family.

Tinted Lash Enhancer:

The tinted lash enhancer strengthens and repair thin, short lashes, while enhancing the appearance of your own natural lashes.  It is available in Black, Chocolate, Midnight Blue, Eggplant and OliveHow To Use:  Can be worn daily to allow to set before applying additional makeup over it.

Extreme PM Lash Lengthener

Extreme PM Lash Lengthener rapidly strengthens and repairs thin short lashes while you sleep. How To Use:  Apply nightly before going to bed to maintain beautiful healthy lashes.  Apply to clean, dry eye area.  Using the applicator brush, wipe of excess on brush, apply to lash line starting from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.  Avoid direct contact with the eye.

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