The Hottest New Beauty Ingredient: Charcoal

When you think about what charcoal is used for, grilling and drawing probably come to mind. But recently, the substance has become the latest craze in beauty products for skin. Some experts are calling the new ingredient the secret to perfect skin – and the word is out. Many top-label beauty brands have incorporated charcoal into their products for its ability to absorb pollutants and toxins. Some of the products it has appeared in include toothbrushes, face masks, cleansers and juices. 


One particular superior beauty brand that uses charcoal in its products is Derma E, which is a trademark that uses natural elements to develop effective skincare solutions. The label’s Purifying skincare line contains activated charcoal, along with other ingredients such as bladderwrack, Kaolin and apricot seed powder. It may seem odd to put charcoal on your face, but cosmetic chemists are saying it works. The activated charcoal ingredient in skincare products can be used to treat the body, hair and lips.


 Derma E Purifying


The use of charcoal on the body is actually not new. The component has been used to treat alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses in hospital emergency rooms for the exact same purpose it has on the skin – absorbing toxins. So how does charcoal improve the skin? Well, charcoal basically acts as a magnet to collect dirt and oil, which all becomes washed away when the skin is rinsed with water.


The Derma E Purifying skincare line is like a deep detox for the skin. People who struggle with skin issues such as acne, blemishes, sensitivity, wrinkles or sagging skin can highly benefit from using charcoal-based skincare products such as Derma E. The skincare beauty supplies were created by a doctor and are clinically tested to work. The formula is designed to naturally extract toxins from the skin’s surface, restore resistance to oxidative stress and replenish vital nutrients.




Scrubbing and treating the skin with an activated charcoal ingredient formula, such as Derma E Purifying, will cleanse the skin daily so that it stays healthy for years. The Purifying skincare line consists of professional-grade products such as Gel Cleaner, 2-In-1 Charcoal Mask, Youth Serum, Toner Mist, Daily Detox Scrub and Oil-Free Moisturizer. When it comes to deep cleaning and purifying the skin, charcoal is the solution – which is why it has grown as a major fad in the beauty industry.


The key ingredient in skincare products like Derma E Purifying is activated charcoal, which is developed when regular charcoal is infused with oxygen. The result is a detoxifier substance that naturally draws excess oil and other impurities out of the skin to be washed away. It isn’t proven exactly how well the ingredient works on the skin, but as a material that has taken the beauty market by storm, it isn’t disappearing anytime soon. The ingredient itself is truly unique, as its pitch black color is another aspect that has made it a trend. For people who want to give their skin the best treatment there is, activated charcoal is worth a shot.  



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