The Essential Guide to Styling Your Hair at Home: Tips, Tools, and Product

We know that you want to be able to get a salon-quality hairstyling at home on a daily basis, but sometimes it's not always easy to know where to start or what tools you need to get the look you want. Have no fear! We put together an actionable guide on how to create 6 trendy and classic hairstyles at home. Each section includes helpful styling tips and suggested tools and products you should have on hand to get the right look. Enjoy!

Style #1: The Natural Curl

The Tip: Master the natural curls hairstyle and never worry about bad hair days again. This hairstyle can be dressed up or dressed down, worn to make you look amazing for a night out, or give you extra hair-flip confidence you want during the day. Apply a heat protectant to dry hair and get curling! For a natural, loose curl, divide your hair into layers and start with a small chunk of hair. Start curling at the top, close to the scalp, and curl away from your face. Work your way down, continuing to include more of your hair into the curling iron until you curl the end. Let the curls set and then take your fingers gently through the curls to break them up.

The Tool: We love the Hot Tools Curling Iron for getting those gorgeous, natural, long-lasting curls. These AMAZING curling irons incorporate high heats and state-of-the-art titanium barrel surfaces to provide lightweight strength and even heat distribution to your hair, giving you a perfect curl each time. Plus these curling irons are equipped with patented technology that heats up quick and stays hot so you don’t need to waste time waiting for your iron to get going.

The Product: Start with Joico Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray and not only protect your hair from the heat while curling, but also keep it frizz-free and static-free for 72 hours.

Style #2: The Textured Beach Wave

The Tip: Get those carefree beach vibes even when you’re nowhere near a beach. Start with slightly wet or damp hair and apply sea salt texturizing spray liberally throughout the hair. Fit your hair dryer with a diffuser and dry pieces of hair on high heat with high air flow. This will give you volume and carefree, beachy waves without any crunchiness.

The Tool: X5 Superlite Hair Dryer 1875 This hair dryer will carry you through any hairstyle you can think up. It has both a diffuser attachment and a slim nozzle attachment for professional styling. In addition to the multiple heat settings, there is a cool setting that can provide the perfect styling finish.

The Product: We love the Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray for this hairstyle not only because of how great it works, but also because of the versatility of the product. In addition to using this product for your damp hair to get the beach wave look, you can also use this texturizing spray on dry hair to refresh and redefine your texture.

Style #3: Straight and Sleek

The Tip: Whether your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, a sleek and straight hairstyle looks good on just about everyone. Make sure to lightly apply a shine serum, and dry your hair straight. To style, clip your hair in layers and flat iron your hair, starting on the layer closest to you.

The Tool: Invest in a flat iron you love and one that will last for years to come. You can’t go wrong with the T3 Single Pass Luxe Straightening and Styling Iron. This flat iron has a custom blend of Tourmaline + ceramic materials that work together to seal the cuticles fast to retain moisture and produce healthy, shiny results that last. Plus, with 5 adjustable heat settings, this iron will be ready for whatever type of hair you have.

The Product: The Big Sexy Hair Silk Finish Serum offers a gorgeous silky smooth finish. The serum adds shine without adding weight, protecting against frizz and leaving you with sleek and shiny hair.

Style #4: The Retro Chic

The Tip: There is nothing more timeless than the retro look of shiny, glossy, and perfect curls. To get a tight curl, whether your hair is longer or short, start with massaging dry hair with a lightweight heat protectant. Make a deep side part in your hair and start rolling hair by sections. For a tight, retro curl at the bottom, start putting hair into the roller at the bottom and roll up, securing at the base. Wait until hair and rollers are cool, then start to unroll the curlers, keeping the rolls tight. Spray up into the curl with an aerosol hairspray product.

The Tool: Get out those hair rollers if you want perfectly crafted curls with a retro twist. The rollers from the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 12-Roller Hairsetter are very simple to use. They even have sensors that let you know when they are fully heated and ready to use.

The Product: Start with a heat protectant and finish with your favorite hairspray. We love the Non-Aerosol Kenra Volume Spray because of its lasting hold without the stickiness. This amazing spray will withstand high humidity, wind, and stay flake-free so your hair looks gorgeous all day long.

Style #5: The Perfect Ponytail

The Tip: This is a go-to hairstyle that can easily move from work to school to the gym and back again. Flip hair over and tease to give a little volume on top. Pull back your hair into an elastic holder and secure. Take a curling iron and curl the ends. Brush through the curled hair and know you have the perfect, full ponytail to tackle whatever the day brings.

The Tool: To get that full perfect ponytail, we suggest using the Bio Ionic Agave Healing Oil Bamboo Paddle Brush. Their specially designed bristles condition the hair and add shine. It’s the perfect brush to carry with you and give your hair a boost throughout the day.

The Product: In order to truly get your ponytail to last from work to the gym to a night out, we suggest keeping a great dry shampoo with you. We love the Pravana Fresh Volumizing Dry Shampoo because its powerful antibacterial agents attack bacterial ingredients, effectively eliminating odor-causing germs all while restoring and enhancing your hair’s volume.

Style #6: Mega Volume

The Tip: Do you want hair with so much volume that it should star in its own shampoo commercial? The key is what you wash your hair with and then how you dry it. To maximize your mega-volume hairstyle, wash hair with a gentle cleanser and lightweight conditioner. Towel dry hair and then gently massage a little bit of volumizing mousse into the roots. Flip head upside down and blow dry the bottom layers, starting at the roots and working out. Once you get to the top layers, flip your hair over to the side and blow dry across your part using a round brush at the roots. Flip hair to the other side and repeat. Shake your hair out and enjoy the volume.

The Tool: Make your brush do the work for you. The Spornette Ion Fusion Ceramic Round Brush is ion charged to reduce static and easy to hold and maneuver.

The Product: We suggest trying out the Alterna Bamboo Volume Weightless Whipped Mousse because of its long-lasting hold formula that helps create incredible volume. The mousse leaves hair soft without any stiffness or crunch.

Over to You

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