The Best Looks of the 2013 Met Gala

The annual Met Gala - its a time of avant gardefashion that walks the thin line between elegant art and baffling chaos. Like any year, some ladies took our breath away while others left us bewilderingly scratching our heads. Below are our top choices for this year's red carpet arrivals as they celebrated the new exhibit "Punk: Chaos to Couture".

Love or hate her, Anne Hathaway stole the night with her sexy dress and newly dyed platinum locks. The look reveals an edgier side of the recent Oscar-winner that that we think suits her surprisingly well. 

While many women tried to add punk touches to their look (some pulled it off, but many made us cringe), Rooney Mara headed in a different direction; though she maintained a hint of enigma with her dark lips, the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actress was the very definition of a punk goddess with a look that is both contemporary and classic. Who knew that a lacy white dress with zippers could work so wonderfully?!

Model Hilary Rhoda, was the very definition of sex appeal as she combined the femininity of a lace overlay with the sleek polish of leather for a wonderful rock-and-roll look. Bravo!

In a night that black reigned supreme, only two dared to wear pink; while Gwyneth Paltrow's dress left us inspired, Kate Bosworth's bedazzled attire had us wanting more. Adding a bit of edge with the smoky eye, dark belt and high hemline, we love that Kate put her own spin and truly differentiate herself from the crowd. 

Kristen Stewart continues to streak of smart and edgy fashion choices with this red pants suit - being able to stand out while wearing the same hue as the floor requires quite a smolder. Plus, anyone who wears pants at an event that is overwhelmed with dresses counts as a fashion rebel in our book.

Tell us, who do you think should be on the list? Did you prefer the wilder look of Sarah Jessica Parker, the grungier attire of Miley Cyrus, or the sexy black dress of Emma Watson? Tell us in the comment section below!

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