The Best Hair Spray You'll Ever Use!

We're not lying when we say this, and we're confident that you'll love it as well.  Smart Solutions Flexible Hold Hair Spray is the BEST Hair Spray that we've ever tried.  It is the first "waterless" hair spray, which prevents the "sticky-ness" and "wet-ness" that you would normally see with traditional hair sprays.  It is quick drying, provides great shine, last all day, never tacky, humidity resistant and workable!  It also washes out of your hair easily. Currently on sale for $8.99. Some more information: Water Free To Keep Hair Weightless Ultra Fine Drying Mist is Humidity Resistant Crystal Clear Creating High Shine Never Stiff or Sticky So It's Brushable for Easy Styling Easy to Wash Out, Light Fragrance Flexible Hold From Light To Firm Doesn't Flake, Easy To Wash Out What does Flexible Hold mean? Flexible Hold allows the stylist and the client to choose whether they want a soft hold or a firmer hold by simply layering on the fine mist aerosol spray. The spray is workable in its first application, then as it is reapplied the hair becomes firmer. What are the benefits of being Water Free? By being water free FHS is able to dry faster without weighing the hair down. The formula keeps the spray crystal clear for maximum shine. How is the Fragrance? As the ultra fine mist comes out, a pleasant citrus scent with a grapefruit overtone is noticed. After a few seconds it fades to a fresh, light fragrance, and is not noticed at all after a few minutes so as not to conflict with any fragrance that the user might be wearing. What does 'Workable Styling' mean? Workable Styling refers to how brushable a spray is on the hair. A stylist when doing updos and upstyles needs a spray that can be applied, then brushed without pulling on the client's scalp, to get the hair into the desired form. A client wants the spray to be brushable for styling purposes as well as being able to comfortably brush through it in the evening before going to bed. FHS will not stick to curling irons or flat irons. It is excellent for doing updos and upstyles, with all day hold. Don't let its light hold fool you, it holds great even in windy conditions.
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