Ten Pieces of Advice for Improving the Balayage Technique

Hair stylists can meet the demand for a softer, more natural appearance with the art of balayage, which doesn’t require the traditional use of foil. Balayage is an alternative hair coloring technique that instills graduated color on the strands. If you are looking to sharpen your coloring skills, check out these ten tips for perfecting the balayage coloring technique.


  1. Have a solid plan for how the finished style will look. Placement of color is dictated by cut, so make sure that the cut isn’t changed last minute. Otherwise, the balayage will appear unbalanced.
  2. Choose the right brush! Make sure it has a smooth surface and that it is one you love to work with.
  3. Make sure the coloring product is mixed evenly without any lumps so that it can be applied with an easy sweeping motion.
  4. Pay close attention to the hair as you work, especially to the variance of the color and natural movement. Use your observation to determine placement.
  5. Use a cling film to separate the balayage sections so that you can determine placement and gain an overall view of the final look. This also helps with monitoring the color’s development.
  6. Keep in mind that the hair should be brighter around the face and along the parting. They are very important areas of focus.
  7. The art of balayage can be used to highlight or lowlight multiple shades. It can be used on any base color, not just blondes.
  8. Practicing will help you perfect the technique. Don’t use too much product at the root!
  9. Keep the tension on the hair strand tight as you apply the color and apply with consistency. Only saturate the last inch.
  10. Be confident and have fun with the process!


Pravana Balayage

In our beauty supplies inventory, we now carry the Pravana Balayage Kit! The Pure Light Balayage Lightener by Pravana makes the technique much easier and is designed to generate a sun-kissed, effortless, natural hair color. The lightener is great for processing color without drying or needing foil. It is made with a mixture of kaolin clay and rice flour to harden a shell around the hair, which insulates the lightener inside. It also has aloe vera in it that pairs with the activators to preserve the integrity of the strands.


For open-air hair painting, stylists then apply the Pure Light Balayage Activators by Pravana, which are different from traditional developers. The activators are formulated to react with the lightener to create the balayage effect. There are three levels – low, medium and high for a variety of timing and lightening options.

 Pure Light Balayage Activators by Pravana

ChromaSilk Express Toners from Pravana

For blondes who want fast color, we recommend another Pravana hair color line – ChomaSilk Express Tones! In less than five minutes, the tones produce long lasting highlights on blonde hair. There are eight colors available: gold, copper, beige, natural, pearl, ash, clear and violet. The formula is designed to be paired with the ChromaSilk Zero Lift Developer and are ammonia-free. Stylists can use the toners to create custom blonde shades for their clients. The gentle mixture will increase the health of the hair and make it shinier. 

ChomaSilk Express Tones

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