Temporary Hair Color - Your New Best Friend!

Hair color – we use it to enhance our skin tone and express our personality. Who doesn’t like to play with their look and experiment with different hues? While the idea of permanently sporting an out-of-the-ordinary style might make you quake with fear, there are plenty of temporary options that allow you to take a brief walk on the wild side and try out a dramatic change before taking an ever-lasting leap.

3206543417_29572b65e3Hair Shadow & Chalk – There are many benefits to this sort of product, starting with the fact that it can be washed out the very next day. Coming in varying consistencies and application techniques, companies like ColorSmash provide eye-catching, bright option like blue, purple, green, orange and more, and the color can be swiftly rubbed into your strands to create funky tips or streaks that will stick when sealed with hair spray or the heat of a hot tool. Unlike most coloring products, this is entirely chemical free, leaving your locks luscious. The nine different pigments are perfect for showing love for your sports team, getting into Orangecharacter on Halloween or simply changing up your vibe for a fun Friday night and visiting your conservative grandmother the very next day.

Semi-permanent Hair Color – Undoubtedly, at some point or another, you’ve wondered what you would look like with a dramatically different hair color. And, perhaps you’ve even suffered the experience of going to the salon with the request that they turn your blond tresses into a sassy shade of red, only to horrifyingly discover that the auburn look does no favors for your already pinkish complexion. Semi-permanent dye lets you answer the “what if” question without the commitment. Lacking peroxide, semi-permanent solutions can paint your strands a darker shade but cannot lighten. With its blend of larger and smaller molecules, the dye will be stripped away with each washing, lasting roughly 5-12 shampoos. If you find yourself wishing the color would last a little longer, 8451909095_6854ee9945demi-permanent products will provide you with 12-24 shampoos before the tint is gone. This is not only a viable option for “test-driving” an updated style, but is perfect for those who have brittle or dry hair; lacking much of the chemicals of permanent formulas, these coloring goods won’t strip away moisture like their longer-lasting counterparts.

To make temporary color last, don’t wash your tresses for at least 24-hours after the application, and avoid washing your hair on a daily basis (dry shampoo is your new best friend). Many women are unaware that part of the cleaning process simply comes from the scrubbing motion, so put off shampooing an extra day by running your hair under warm water (not hot) and mimicking the washing process without product. Deep conditioners will help insulate the color molecules and shield your hair from the sun with either a hat or moisture-sealing products.

So have fun and mix up your hair color! Knowing that there will be no lasting consequences for your mane, try that hue you’ve always eyed but was too apprehensive to try!   

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