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Must Have For Kids This Summer

The must have hair products for your kids this summer is.... FairyTales  If you have kids this is a MUST have product to keep around your house this summer! Both my kids are in summer camp and my biggest fear is that they come home with lice! I spray them down every morning with Fairy Tales rosemary repel conditioning spray and when they get home I make sure I wash them with the repel shampoo & conditioner! Some may think I’m a little crazy but it’s easier than having to deal with lice removal! Fairy tales also have an amazing clarifying line so if your little ones are in the pool constantly or the ocean this will remove all that build...

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#HairGoal 7- Hair On The Fly!

#HairGoal 7- Hair On The Fly! Shhh!! Let me tell you a little secret!! You don’t have to wash your hair everyday! Honestly, who has time to sit down & blow dry their hair everyday?! These days with the hectic lifestyle we all live Dry Shampoo is “Must” Have! Wake up late & don’t have time to wash and dry your hair, use dry shampoo. Oily hair by the end of the day & don’t have time to rewash before you hit happy hour, use dry shampoo! We sell so many different brands of Dry Shampoo, here is a sampling of what we offer. Batiste Dry Shampoo- Available in 10 fragrances, leaving your hair feeling clean & fresh with added body & texture....

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#HairGoal 6- Leave In Conditioner

Leave In, You Need It When you think about Leave In Conditioners most people tend to think that they are heavy, that they will wear their hair down, or leave it feeling dirty. Well that may have been the case years ago but today leave in conditioners are way more than just extra conditioning for the hair. If you answer yes to any of these then you should add one of these leave in conditioners to your daily hair routine. Is your hair knotty when you get out of the shower? Is your hair dry? Do you have breakage/split ends? Do you blow dry your hair? Do you use a flat iron or curling iron? Do you color your hair?...

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#HairGoal 5- Choose The Right Flat Iron

Invest In A Good Flat Iron Flat Irons are one of the most versatile tools for your hair, offering the ability to straighten and curl/flip your hair.  When looking for a new flat iron there are many considerations: Consideration 1:  Heat- Not All Irons Are The Same!  The minimum temperature for most hair to conform to an iron is 300 degrees.  If you have a Keratin treatment you will need an iron that heats up to at least 450 degrees. Find one with adjustable settings. Consideration 2:  Plate Size:  If you have long/thick/coarse hair, you may want a wider plate, that can help cut down on straightening time.  If you want the ability to curl/flip and time isn't of the...

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#HairGoals 4- Va Volume

This is part 4 of our New Years #HairGoals for Volume.  Keep checking back for more recommendations for great styles this year. Resolution #4:  Va Va Volume For those that want serious volume and body, you've come to the right place.  These products will make even the flattest hair burst. Alterna Bamboo Abundant Volume Shampoo & Conditioner: Weightless moisture and vital nutrients amplify hair volume and healthy shine. Color Hold technology provides color retention. Nioxin Diamax Advanced:  Instantly, Visibly boosts your existing hair diameter for long lasting fuller, looking hair. Kenra Volume Spray:  Our best-selling hair spray, Kenra Volume Spray provides humidity resistant, strong hold that lasts up to 120 hours and is sustainable to winds up to 25 mph. Brocato Root Lifter Mousse:  Using the...

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