Sunglasses Shapes for Your Face

1186997_1362279239102_fullJune is finally upon us and, with the sun beating down, it is important that we protect our eyes. What does this mean? It’s the season of stylish sunglasses! Bright colored, patterned frames are in, as are mirrored lenses, perfect for bringing enigma and funk to any festive summer look. To really make an impression, find the style that perfectly balances your face shape.

While ladies blessed with oval features can pull off almost any design, those with rounder faces will want to add angles to their look with rectangular frames. Furthermore, pick frames that either have prominent upper rims or are upswept (like cat eyes) to draw the eyes upwards and add the illusion of length. To add a slimming element, find glasses that are slightly wider than the rest of your face. Reversely, those with oblong features will want to add width rather than height to their appearance, as this shape indicates that the face is longer than vertically than horizontally. Like with more circular looks, individuals with oblong characteristics can benefit from oversized 10-spring-sunglasses-trends-2013-5glasses, especially those that feature embellishments on the outward corners to make the edges of the face stand out. Fun, horizontal patterns will also guide the eye and provide widening benefits.

Ladies with square faces will want to soften their jawlines and wide cheekbones with rounded frames. Luckily enough, the circular sunglasses stereotypical of 1970’s Elton John are the hottest trend in eyewear, so rock this trend with tinted or mirrored lenses for a look that is straight off the runways. If this style is too bold for your taste, look for oval shades with minimal frames to help downplay your face’s distinctive lines. Those with heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads and narrowed  chins, so steer clear of glasses that have a prominent top or upswept look. Circular, aviator, butterfly and styles that focus on the lower portion of the glasses will deemphasize the wider forehead.   

When shopping for sunglasses, remember to try on plenty and play with thickness as well as color. Let your glasses be an extension of your personal style and put your best foot forward as you have fun in the summer sun. Because your eye makeup will be covered, make your lips soft and beautiful and products from Image Beauty.

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