Summer Textured Nail Trends

2012 autumn runway fashion has now become summer trends, and the most sought-after trend is textured nails. Popular designs includesthe caviar manicure, velvet smooth, sand blasted and matte finished nails, each colorfully dynamic in their own way.

The caviar manicure was quick to catch on after its fall premier at Cushine et Ochs’ runway show. The appearance of the small beads can create the impression of having your nails dipped in caviar, a luxury some would first be apprehensive to try. You can create your caviar manicure with different colors, or following the ombre fever; one base color being blended with many different shades that transition from dark to light.  You can create your Caviar Manicure from Ciate, complete with beads and polish, or you can visit your local craft store and purchase microbeads (in the scrapbook section) to achieve this opulent look.

 Velvet nails are an easy way to soften up your look or outfit. Most popularly seen in Blake Lively’s wedding to Ryan Reynolds back in December, furry nails have been the growing manicure trend of 2013. Fuzzy nails kicked off its glamor tour in the UK and quickly migrated to Australia. First featured by MUA, but made popular by Ciate, you can get the look yourself by getting fine flocking powder as a substitute for velvet (also found in the scrapbook section).  


A rising texture trend for 2013 is sand nails. This summery design can give you the appearance of an effortless just off the beach look. In March, L.A. Girl made big waves when they rolled out the fabulous Sand Blast nail polish with 8 colorful options. You can also always achieve this one-of-a-kind look with a simple base coat blended that is blended with glitter nail polish and then topped with matte top coat.

For those that prefer a suede texture matte nail polish is just the trend for you. First spotted in fall European fashion shows, the multidimensional look leaves nails looking both shiny and smooth to resemble expensive tile and stained glass. You can dress up the simple look with nail art and studs or gems. You simply paint your favorite color and finish with a matte topcoat. Some of our favorites include Essie Matte About You Matte Finisher  and OPI Nail Envy Matte Finish.


Let me know which manicure appeals to you!





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