Style Yourself with Color Psychology (Warmer Colors)

Color psychology dives into the physical, mental and emotional influences various hues have on the viewer - both subtle and powerful, the effects are used by international corporations to sell products, event coordinators to set a particular mood and, DSC02714now, you too can get a leg up using color psychology. After all, by understanding the discreet messages that various pigments convey, you can ensure that you are making the right impression! Red is the color of power and action, as it stimulates both the heart and metabolism. We often associate this with passion and heat (no matter whether the zeal stems from love or war), and its no wonder that it makes both guys and gals feel slightly more lusty. When you wear this uncompromisingly bold hue, be prepared to be the center of attention; be aware that, depending on the quantities or positioning of how you feature it, you may come across as overtly sexual or aggressive. Unless they want to have the same effect as Jessica Rabbit, many women choose to use this color to accent outfit components that they especially want to draw the eye, like on the lips, nails or an accessory.

Pink blends the sensuality of rouge with the innocence of white to create a flirty look. Soft and girly, it can put people at ease and evokes images of youth. As flattering as it may be on your lips and cheeks, be selective with the shades and amounts you choose to utilize. Pinks that are infused with pink-eye-shadow3-650x448warm red will have an invigorating effect but can come across as overwhelming (for instance, imagine someone wearing an entirely magenta outfit); reversely, muted pinks that are heavy with white are calming to the point of being underwhelming. Furthermore, pink is often associated with youth and, when you are striving to be taken seriously in a work environment, may detract from your efforts. To wear the color in a more formal setting, either add a dash of light orange to the mix to make it a peachy tint or contrast the pink with a strong, serious color like black or navy blue.

il_570xN.336828414_originalYellow is considered the most friendly of all the colors. Reminding us of the sun, this hue is not without its contradictions; as yellow inspires mental activity, it is sometimes considered devoid of emotions as it is more introspective than expressive. Light yellows is rarely seen worn on the runways or sidewalks, as many softer tints can be unflattering to skin tones. For an appealing and dynamic look, contrast lighter yellows against dark shades, whether it is with neon nails against your darker skin or earrings that are set against brown tresses. Darker yellows are more flattering for most skin tones and, if you sport this daring pigment, make it really pop with silver jewelry. Many women are too quick to dismiss this hue so, if you embrace the challenge and make yellow work, you're sure to stand out among the crowd as a ray of sunshine. makeup-nyfw-spring2011-325Orange combines the vigor of red with the optimism of yellow to create a hue that is outgoing and creative. The color that taps most into our intuition, it is often associated with enthusiasm and adventure. Orange lips is the hottest beauty trend nowadays; those with warmer skin tones will want to swipe on color that leans more towards yellow or gold, while ladies with cooler undertones will look dashing with redder versions of orange. No matter the shade, always lean towards a matte finish when dealing with pigments as bright as these. Blue eyed lasses will especially like to brush their lids with orange to create a bold contrast. However, before you apply neon orange eyeliner or coat your lips, be cognizant of the fact that this look is considered somewhat unconventional and could be off putting to some, so reserve this daring look for the weekends and not the office.

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