Stript Mineral Makeup 100% Paraben Free

Stript LogoStript Mineral Makeup is a natural make-up line that is comparable to Bare Escentuals.  Stript Mineral Makeup is 100% Paraben Free and is also Vegan.  The following is some information about Stript: VEGAN Stript does not condone animal cruelty or animal testing. Stript offers a wide range of vegan and vegan-friendly cosmetic and animal fur-free applicator brushes. A percentage of each brush sold is donated to ASPCA. 100% PARABEN-FREE Stript products do not contain parabens. Parabens are commonly used as a synthetic preservative, but are elieved to disrupt normal hormone function. Parabens are currently under scrutiny within and outside the U.S. NATURAL PRESERVATIVES Stript is 100% naturally preserved using plant-derived Natural Broad Spectrum Microbial Growth Inhibitors such as Naticide (almond derived) and Japanese Honeysuckle. TALC-FREE NATURAL MINERALS Stript ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and provide sheer to full camouflage coverage. Shades blend with virtually every skin tone and offer non-greasy, water resistant physical sun protection and a line-minimizing, soft-focus optical effect with no chalky appearance. ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE-FREE All-natural fragrances such as Vanilla Bean Extract and Sweet Almond Blossom add a light scent to Stript products. ARTISTIC VERSATILITY Stript marine minerals can be blended with water or moisturizer to create long-wearing liquid mineral formulas. ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING Stript products are packaged in recyclable plastic containers. Our unit cartons contain recycled and post consumer materials and are printed with soy ink. Stript applicators have wooden handles made from sustainable forestry trees. We also use biodegradable packing materials. FAIR TRADE Stript advocates standards for equitable international labor practices and strives to obtain ingredients from fair trade sources. CAUSE MARKETED Stript supports numerous charities including ASPCA, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and St. Judes Children's Research Hospital. We LOVE Stript for their packaging and the products!  Their Kabuki brushes are incredible.  Also check out their Face Makeup, Lip Makeup and Eye Makeup. Stript has been featured in many publications including Shape, Launchpad, American Spa, Cosmopolitan and Women's World. Give it a try, We're sure you'll love it too! Stript Packaging

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