"Stop biting your nails"

jlo1Nail biting is a fairly "normal" nervous habit that commonly derives from stress and/or anxiety.  It's  actually a real medical condition known as onychophagia.  Even celebs like Britney and J. Lo have been caught with their fingers in their mouths, chomping away!  But nail biting isn't so glamorous.  Not only does it leave you with ugly, cracked, red, and often painful nailbeds, putting your fingers in your mouth is also unhealthy.  Think about all the germs that are around us that we touch!  

 Can't "bite" the habit? Try these tips!

  1. Keep your nails manicured.  If your nails are pretty, without rough edges, you will be less likely to bite at them!  
  2. Paint your nails with bright colors, like ones from the new collection of  summer colors from Barielle.  If your nail color is noticeable to other people, you will be more likely to want to keep it in tact!  To keep the polish from chipping on its own, it's important to use a quality top coat.  An amazing item we just got in is the Duri Miracote Fast Drying Top Coat.
  3. Try a bitter tasting clear nail polish like Orly No Bite or Mavala Stop that will deter your taste buds away from your fingers.
  4. Once your nails start growing again, be sure to apply a nail strengthening treatment like Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System or Olan Optimax Nail Strengthener so that your nails can continue to grow healthy and without breakage.
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