Six Tips for Maintaining Curly Hair

Every hair type calls for specific maintenance measures. If you have been born with the curly hair gene, you’ve probably had your share of mornings where your locks were so untamable, you felt like Mufasa from The Lion King. Although it can be extremely frustrating, there’s no need to let out your exasperation by roaring over the Pridelands. Curly manes have a strong reputation for being one of the most difficult hair types to style and manage.



For one, it takes hours to straighten the follicles just so that you don’t have to deal with those messy curls. Curly hair is highly affected by humidity, prone to split ends, and becomes easily frizzy. However, there are a variety of ways you can embrace your curly-cues, and with the right hair products, your curly locks can be manageable.


Showing off gorgeous, bouncy curls that are all-natural is possible! Here we share some of our most crucial styling tips and tricks for maintaining curls. 


Put That Brush Away!

Using either conditioner or detangling spray, simply comb your tresses with your fingers. Avoid the brush altogether! We suggest detangling your locks in the shower while your hair still has conditioning in it. This technique will prevent breakage and make your locks easier to style. 


Let Your Curls Sleep Well

Before you go to bed, spray your locks with a gel and ball your hair into a bun. When you wake up, undo the bun and voila! Your waves and curls will be instantly ready.


Hydrate Locks with a Humidifier

It may seem silly, but it works! If you have a high-quality humidifier running in your home, the moisture in the air will encourage the curls and keep your skin from drying out.


Avoid Crunchiness

Curls can take up a crunchy texture when they are over-cleansed, have too much conditioner left in or are applied with alcohol-based gels. A spritz of quick-cleaner at your roots can give your locks an instant refresher.


Maintain Hair from the Bottom Up

Always wash the tresses from the ends up to the roots when cleansing and conditioning. This makes curls easier to manage and handle.


Get Rid of the Towel!

Instead of drying your curls with a towel, experts recommended switching to a soft fiber cloth to protect the hair strands. Using the cloth, gently scrunch and rotate the curls in an upward motion towards your scalp to allow them to absorb more moisture.


Product Feature: DermOrganic Curl Hair Products

What makes curls look perfect? To reduce frizz and achieve that shiny, smooth texture, curly tresses need lots of moisture. A great curly hair maintenance product that hydrates is DermOrganic Curl. The cleanser is a cream that washes the hair and scalp with low suds. It helps define the curls by locking in moisture using all-natural ingredients such as Argan oil. The products are available in a kit or can be bought separately.


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