Six Things to Know About Pravana’s New Chromasilk ColorLush Demi-Color Collection

So Pravana has just come out with a brand new demi-color line that is part of their Chromasilk collection called ColorLush. For hairstylists and hair color enthusiasts, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Technically the new products aren’t being released by Pravana until August 2016. However, here at Image Beauty, we already have the products available to our customers in-store and online! We’re excited to be offering this amazing demi-color before it even hits the market officially.


With the new Pravana hair color practically at your fingertips, a new experience of hair artistry is almost yours (or, maybe it already is!). Here are six things to know about the new demi-color!


  1. The Chromasilk ColorLush line is designed so that hairstylists can use their talents to generate mind-blowing hair color combinations like never before.
  2. The collection includes 27 vibrant shades, with 5 of them that serve as color boosts to enhance the hair so that hair artists have total creative control of the look.
  3. The formulas are the product of a new technology that embeds pure color pigment to generate a higher level of vibrancy on the hair.
  4. The demi-colors are ideal for mixing and concocting color palettes to conceive amazing hair colors. It’s a hair color revolution!
  5. ColorLush is free of monoethanolamine (MEA) and ammonia!
  6. The ingredients in the demi-colors, such as the low pH formula and Omega-9 Oil Delivery Complex, leave the hair softer, healthier, nourished, and shiny.


These are just a few things to know about the new Chromasilk ColorLush collection, but the real art of hair coloring doesn’t start until you’ve got it in your own mixing bowl. According to Pravana, these demi-color shades such as black cherry, midnight sapphire, and crème brulee are brighter and more colorful than any other demi-color product. At our beauty supply online, we have over 20 shades, all priced below their original retail value! To shop the demi-colors by Pravana, Click here!



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