Should You Get Bangs?

At one point or another, we've all had disastrous hairstyles, many of them involving attempting to give ourselves bangs with our mom's shears while in the eighth grade. While the experience might have scarred you for life, perhaps you've been feeling that itch to change up your look and are hesitantly entertaining the idea of having bangs once more. Before you take the plunge, we provide some pointers below to help you decide whether or not the look is a suitable match. Bangs are GOOD if . . . You want to look younger - longer bangs can help to cover  wrinkles in your forehead and around your eyes. Even if you prefer a look that doesn't have the dramatic length, side-swept bangs effectively soften your entire look and draws attention away from the crinkles. The right style of bangs can also help to disguise a receding hairline. Additionally, bangs can be seen as playful and flirty, and are a hot trend among younger generations. You have thick hair and admire Kiera Knightley's heavy bangs - for ladies with thicker manes, they should consider bangs that are blunt cuts instead of a feathered look, as the latter will require a lot of thinning and more maintenance. You have fine hair and admire Reese Witherspoon's soft bangs - for those who have thinner hair, they should aim for a softer, wispier look. Logically, you won't be able to achieve Kiera's dramatic look if you don't have the hair thickness to match. You want to emphasize your eyes - Just like curtains dress up a window, bangs will bring attention to your eyes as it limits your forehead and guides observer's stare downward directly to your eyes. Another added benefit is that bangs can emphasize your cheekbones. Bangs are NOT good if . . . You have curly hair or prefer to do minimal hair maintenance  - If you have curly hair, you will be forced to vigilantly straighten your bangs every single morning and cross your fingers that they don't get wet; curly bangs rarely work, as the hair will gather into a few, crinkly pieces or springs rather than evenly fall. Even with straight hair though, all bangs require some level of dedication to style them; if carefully combing them and applying anti-frizz products sound like a chore, then bangs aren't for you. If you don't have the money or desire to go to a professional - If you have a skilled, steady hand, perhaps trimming your bangs will be an option. However, a stylist should be consulted when first creating the look as they will factor in what specifically works with your facial shape and features. While you might be able to create an even look (if you're lucky), you might be doing yourself a disfavor by not treating yourself to bangs that flatter your facial shape. Additionally, unless you trust yourself to not screw up the style, trips to the salon for a trim will be done on a monthly basis, though many stylists offer discounts or complimentary cuts to loyal customers. When at your salon, ask for recommendations of hair and beauty supplies that will help you style and control your bangs to create a beautiful look that helps you shine!        

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