Salon Quality Shampoos

"Did You Just Get Your Hair Done?"

There's something so unique and luxurious about your hair when you leave the hair salon.  Your hair feels extra soft, extra smooth, and smells amazing!   While drugstore shampoos and conditioners tend to work just fine in most cases, there is a reason why salons don't typically use them! masteyAn article by Hair News Magazine admits that while not all professional shampoos and conditioners are necessarily worth how expensive they are, many of them do contain important ingredients that really are better for your hair than the average drugstore shampoo!DBC carefully selects only the best quality salon shampoos and conditioners for our customers.  Whenever a stylist pressures you to buy their salon brand shampoo, check the ingredients.  Salon products should contain gentle surfactants (ammonium laurel sulfate, sodium laurel sulfate, etc) that are the ingredients that make the shampoo lather.   They recommend products with sodium laureth sulfate, which is the most gentle of all the surfactants.Artec White Violet ShampooWe recommend hair products from professional brands such as Artec, by Loreal ProfessionalEnjoy, and Mastey.Substitute these products for your normal shampoo and you'll have your friends constantly asking you, "did you just get your hair done?"

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