Products We Love: Pure Illumination Lighted Hydrating Lip Gloss

Have you ever been in a dark bar or bathroom and wanted to apply Lip Gloss, but had trouble because you couldn't see?  Have you ever wanted to apply lip gloss but didn't have a mirror?  Well we have the perfect product for you.  Pure Illumination Lighted Hydrating Lip Gloss. Pure Illumination Lighted Hydrating Lip Gloss is available in 10 Shades.  There is a built-in light in each "lid" of the lip gloss and also a mirror that's built in to the packaging.  Not only does the product look great when the light is turned on, but the ease of use is what's remarkable.  No matter where you are, you can always look your best with the Pure Illumination Hydrating Lip Gloss. From the manufacturer; Be brilliant and beautiful anywhere, anytime with Pure Illumination Light Up Lip Gloss.  Features a built in LED light that lasts over 100 hours and the Gloss bottles feature a built in mirror for convenient application in any lighting condition. Formulated with medical grade lanolin, almond oil, jojoba and vitamin E, this is no ordinary Lip Gloss. Choose from ten luscious colors that enhance your natural beauty while healing, hydrating and protecting your lips. Available in Push top with ON/OFF button or Automatic Twist versions. (Please be advised that the video is a manufacturer's video, we do not provide free goods with a purchase of these products)

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