Product Review: Lava Volcanic Wax by Framesi

As you might have noticed, I have short hair . . . very short hair. So listen up men - this blog post can be helpful to you as well! Those with long hair might be surprised when I say this, but I find that short hair takes more work to maintain than if it was lengthier. When I have a bad-hair-day or feel lazy, there is no option of throwing my locks back in a simple ponytail or braid. When I am getting ready to face the world, I must blow dry and style it. Therefore, the type of hair product I use is pivotal to my entire look. To get that "rock-and-roll" I so desperately desire, I need a product that provides strong hold and texture that is going to last throughout the day and night. When I received Lava Volcanic Wax by Framesi, I was super stoked! It contains actual volcanic ash, and you certainly don't get more rock-and-roll than that! After using it, I am very pleased with the results; I received a lot of texture and hold but with very little build up. I love the way the wax makes my hair feel so much that I'm now inspired to try out the rest of the Framesi product line. Volcano hair . . . I never thought such an idea could make me so happy!  

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