Product Review: Borghese Perla Duale High Impact Lipcolour

                             What comes to mind when you think of pink lipstick? Frosted pink abominations from the 80's or Barbie dolls . . . that’s what I picture. So, when I was received the Borghese Perla Duale High Impact Lipcolour Perla Rosa, I was immediately struck by just how pink it was. Yes, I was a little worried. After all, it seems like a very hard color for someone to pull off for an average day. Well, let me be the first to say that I was very wrong. I received so many compliments while wearing this shade that it was awesome! So, what look did I match my bright pink lips with? With such a statement-making color, I didn’t want to overwhelm my aesthetic, so I put on light blush and minimal eye makeup. Next, I applied nude lip liner to help prevent the product from bleeding. When using the lipstick itself, it was so soft that it felt like putting expensive coco butter on my lips! The product lasted very long and I only had to reapply once in 12 hours. With the durability of the color and the ultra-softness, I give this Borghese lipstick two thumbs up! Inspired by the fashions from the runways from Milan, each lipcolour contains a pearlescent outer core that gives each shade that extra pearly glow. It is formulated with Vitamins A, E and C to condition lips and provide anti-oxidant protection, and Chamomile and Aloe to keep her lips smooth.

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