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Touch N’ Grow




If you have thin nails that seem to break by the smallest impact… you need to get Probelle Touch N’ Grow! This product is guaranteed to make your nails stronger than ever.

Probelle’s formula is designed to cure, repair and restore your damaged nails and prevent them from thinning or breaking in the future. Your nails will look and feel unstoppable!


Here’s how to use it:


Despite its frosty shade, it appears clear on your nails!

Apply a thin coat daily for several days to touch up your nails and prevent peeling or cracking.

When your nails look and feel stronger, use Probelle Touch n’ Grow as a base coat with any manicure.


After 2-4 weeks, it is recommended that the treatment be continued with Touch N’ Grow PLUS, the second nail enhancing formula.


The photo above shows you just how effective Probelle Touch N' Grow is! To the left are strong, healthy nails after about 3 weeks of using Probelle Touch N' Grow. To the right are the nails without - as you can see, they are thin, dull and peeling. (Image via:


The Probelle Touch N' Grow PLUS formula is extracted from garlic and lime, which are key elements to maintaining healthy nails. It also fights off fungus and restores the whiteness of your nails.

Use this product the same as you would for Formula 1.



I challenge YOU to use Probelle Touch N' Grow! Post a picture or a link in the comments box to show your results. In 3 weeks, I will post a before and after, as well!

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