Pretty Summer Feet

foot-spa2Five tips for fabulous summer feet

Summer is just around the corner!  That means, it's just about time to whip out those strappy sandals you've been storing in the back of your closet for the past several months. Your cute summer shoes deserve some cute summer feet to go with!  Because they've been in hiding the past few months, it's time to give your tootsies some TLC and get them ready for some fresh air!

Tip #1: Soak 'em

Prep your feet by soaking them in a foot tub filled with warm water, like HotSpa's Professional Foot Bath with Infrared Heat.  The special infrared heating pad helps keep the water at a perfect lukewarm temerature.  Dr. Michael Perlstein, a board certified podiatrist in Brooklyn says even, "a five to ten minute soak softens skin, most importantly any calloused skin, as well as the cuticles."  Add your favorite relaxing bath salts like Queen Helen's Footherapy Mineral Foot Bath.  The unique combination of natural minerals helps keep feet smooth, while soothing the foot muscles from any aches or soreness.

Tip #2: Scrub 'em

According to the FDA, "Feet should be washed every day with soap and lukewarm water, especially between the toes, and then dried completely with a soft towel."  However, for some extra loving, you might want to try to scrub your feet with a gentle spunge, like New England Loofa Scrubber with a specialized foot scrub, like Queen Helene's Footherapy Cranberry mint foot scrub.  This will help remove any unwanted calluses or excess dry skin. 

Tip #3: Smooth 'em

Your feet are typically dryer than other parts of our bodies because there aren't many oil glands down there.  It's important to apply foot cream daily, (not just your daily moisturizer), right after you get out of the shower. According to Dr. Stuart Mogul, a NYC Podiatrist, foot creams "are heavier than body lotions so they seep into thicker skin."  Try Burt's Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion.  It contains natural botanical oils with vitamin E that eliminate dry skin, while the peppermint and menthol ingredients actually help to wake up tired feet.  

Tip #4: Be kind to your calluses

Calluses? Yuck.  But let's face it, we can't always avoid them.  Calluses are your feet's natural response to pressue and friction from your shoes.  When treating calluses, make sure you are gentle with them.  wWile they're not the prettiest to look at, they do act as protective layers of skin.   Dr. Tzvi Bar-David, a Podiatrist at New York Presbyterian Hospital recommends, "Don't use sharp instruments on calluses.  Do not have your calluses cut.  Instead, use a pumice stone."  We recommend Titania Angled Pumice Sponges because they're gentle, yet effective.  Or, try Mr. Pumice Callus Terminator, a professional salon quality formula designed specifically for getting rid of calluses.

Tip #5: Trim your Toenails

Ingrown toenails are typically the result of improper toenail clipping.  LA based Podiatrist, Dr. Joshua Kaye says, "Toenails should be trimmed straight across and not too short...Many people incorrectly cut the corners, leaving a small point of nail that then grows into the skin." Make sure you use a toe nail clipper, and not just any nail clipper.  This will help get the correct tonail shape. opi-summer-polish

Bonus Tip #6: Polish them Pretty

This summer, bold toenails are all the rage!  OPI has a ton of new summer colors - perfect to show off your newly beautified feet!  Try a fun, bright orange shade like OPI's In My Back Pocket or the bright blue No Room for the Blues. Now that your feet are back in shape, what are you waiting for!  Get those feet into some strappy sandals, and enjoy the warm weather!

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