Pay Less, Get More! Smart Solutions Hair Products

Smart Solutions Hair Products by Dennis Bernard

Pay Less, Get More! That’s the mantra of the new “Smart Solutions” hair care line. Smart Solutions was developed by Dennis Bernard for use by professionals. His main focus was providing salons a cost-effective way to do business. He has found it with the Smart Solutions line. Each product is highly concentrated so that only a little bit needs to be used during any service to provide excellent results! Each product in the line has a specific job to do, and they all do it great. Not only are these products excellent for Salon Professionals, but consumers will love the results they receive at home as well. The Smart Solutions Story: My Haircolor is fading too quickly! I won’t spend over $20 for an 8 oz bottle of sulfate free shampoo! Now that I have the color protect shampoo and conditioner, how will my hair styling products affect my color hold? These words are heard every day by salons around the world…. Dennis Bernard heard these words too. He decided it was time for stylists and clients to have a line that was formulated with high end ingredients surpassing any current color hold products on the market while keeping the price reasonable. This would then be a win-win for both clients and salon professionals. After years of testing, Smart Solutions was born. Smart Solutions products are based on plant extracts, oils and are paraben free. All are potent anti-oxidants that protect the hair from the sun, heat and mechanical damage. Smart Solutions products contain Aloe, Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary and Nettle Extracts uniquely blended with Jojoba and Avocado Oils to retain color longer while conditioning the hair. Picture in your mind leaves in the fall…they get dry, brittle, with a rough texture and are easy to break; contrast that to leaves of summer…their chlorophyll makes the leaf stronger, richer looking, flexible and shiny. Plant extracts and oils do the same thing for your hair. The Smart Solutions Line Includes: Shampoos: Cleanse N Volumize Shampoo, Dual-Action Crème Shampoo, Problem Hair N Scalp Shampoo, Clarifying Demineralizing Shampoo Conditioners: Dual-Action Crème Conditioner, Color Protector-Conditioner-Styling Aid, Age-Defying Vitamin Oil Styling: Straight N Curl Serum, Foam Lift Plus, Foam Mousse Plus, Style Gel Plus, Texture Control Paste, Texture Control Wax Finishing: Flexible Holding Spray, Maximum Holding Spray, Super Shine Spray If you are a Salon Professional or Consumer looking for maximum color hold out of your products, Smart Solutions is the line for you. Not only is the entire line price conscious, but their products are Paraben and Sulfate Free!

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