Our Favorite Curly-Haired Stars

Whether it’s a day in the office or a night out on the town, curls will forever be a classic look. Hollywood stars have been lighting up the screen and the red carpet with bouncy curls and subtle waves since the 1950’s. Try out any of these curls our favorite celebrities have sported, and be a part of a trend that will never end!

Marilyn Monroe mastered the essence of 50’s fashion. When a girl styles her hair like Marilyn’s flawless curls, it’s not even considered the “50’s look,” it’s considered the “Marilyn look". Other celebrities like Madonna and Christina Aguilera, have even gone through phases of adopting this style to add glamor and sex appeal to their aesthetic.

To get curls like Marilyn’s, part your hair to one side and loosely roll medium sized pin curls. You can either pin curl your bangs to blend in with your other curls, or style a victory curl for a more vintage Marilyn look!

Taylor Swift needs a whole head of hair to shake around when she performs her angsty songs on stage. Her long curls work with any outfit, from paparazzi pictures in a t-shirt to sparkly gowns at the Grammy’s. Taylor’s curls come across as both casual and polished, giving her the look of the idolized "girl next door". 

To get curls like Taylor’s, curl sections about two inches wide at a time, but instead of using your average curling iron, use a coil curling iron. The coil will keep each curl separate and neat, just like Taylor’s!

Fear not, blondes aren’t the only ones who can rock curls! Emma Stone pulls off short curls in almost every color: blonde, brown, and red. As an actress that has donned many looks for many roles, Emma’s hair still always winds up matching her quirky personality.

To get curls like Emma’s, use a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron to create waves, instead of tight curls. Part your bangs to the side, and people might even mistake you for the Gangster Squad star.

Solange Knowles lets her curls flow free. With tresses that are undeniably full, she comes across as confident, sexy and carefree. This singer is known for matching her natural hair with boldly hued lipsticks and fashion choices, making her a fashion rebel and style inspiration.

To get curls like Solange’s, try for very tight curls and do not brush them out afterward. Let all of the curls fall on top of each other until your hair starts to shape outward. You can even add a colorful headband to this ‘do!

So let your hairstyle express your individuality and shine confidently like these stars. Boldly rock a full mane of curls! 

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