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Mascara can make or break a flawless makeup look just like a pair of shoes can make or break a flawless outfit.  But when was the last time you treated yourself to a new tube? 

Given the economic situation, we have all been scaling back on buying things for ourselves.  This has translated into many of us holding on to a favorite tube of mascara much longer than normal.  The recommended expiration date for mascara is only about three monthsMascara tends to "goes bad" significantly faster than most other makeup products because it's made with ingredients that dry out faster.  Plus, mascara wands come in close contact with your eyes, which can contaminate the wand with bacteria.  We've compiled a list of six of our best selling mascaras.  And the best part is - they're all under twenty dollars!  Go ahead, treat yourself. Check also our waterproof lip liners and bronzers

Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara

We mentioned this new product a few weeks ago when we introduced the new Spring 2009 collection from Too Faced.  This product already is a favorite for customers!  Described as "lash extensions in a tube," this unique mascara formula actually coats your lashes to extend them further than the natural lash.   Too Faced Lash Injection comes in Pitch Black and Hot Chocolate. 

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara

For voluminous lashes that appear five times thicker than your normal eyelashes, try L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara.  Their mascara wand is designed to thicken your lashes evenly, smoothly, and clump free!  The best part about this mascara, is that it gives you choices.  The original formula and wand come in four shades: black, soft black blackest black, and black/brown. There is also a waterproof formula, (perfect if you want to double ensure that your eyelashes stay full throughout the day) and a curved wand version, which adds even more curl and volume.  Daneen, the blogger from the acclaimed beauty website, Spoiled pretty, recently re-fell in love with this mascara.  She says, "L'Oreal Voluminous not only pumped up the volume of my sparse lashes, the mascara took my fringe to new heights...all without clumps. And unlike so many mascaras on the market nowadays, the Voluminous brush doesn't grab too much product - which is great because I hate having to wipe off excess product." 

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

You've seen the pink tube with the green cap for years at drugstores!  Did you know that not only is Maybelline Great Lash Mascara America's number one mascara, but it also was the first mascara that was ever officially marketed to the public! (This was back in 1915 when T.L. Williams created a product for his sister Maybel...the rest is history).  It has since then received dozens awards, like Allure Magazine's 2008 Reader's Choice award for best drugstore mascara (they claim that every 1.6 seconds, a tube of this mascara is sold); it is also a favorite of celebrity/socialite Kim Kardashian.  The famous mascara is also available in several different shades of black, in a curved applicator, plus comes in a waterproof version. 

Urban Decay Big Fatty

True to its name, Urban Decay's Big Fatty mascara seriously does create the fattest eyelashes possible.  The formula was created with hemp oil to help keep lashes soft and moisturized.  The line is known for having a great selection of colored mascara, for a day or night when you're feeling a little on the adventurous side.  Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara comes in cool shades like Black Cherry, Electric Blue, and Purple Haze.

 L'Oreal Paris Lash Double Extend Beauty Tubes

L'oreal's double sided mascara brush in its Double Extend Beauty Tubes are actually two products in one!  The first side is used as a primer or base coat, which contains Ceramide R and D-Panthenol, two ingredients that both protect and strengthen your lashes.  The other side contains a top coat that lengthens the lashes, to create a fuller, smudge free look.  The A-list blogger from A Mom in Red High Heelsgives a great review of the product, saying, "after doing the ultimate skin care no no and not washing my face before bed I woke up with great looking and smudge free lashes."

Borghese Superiore State of the Art Mascara

Borghese products are well-known for having intricate formula details that really are geared toward the goal of the product.  Their Superiore State of the Art mascara is no exception.  The mascara contains a hydrolyzed silk-powder foundation that conditions delicate lashes.  It also contains Borghese's signature Acqua di Vita complex which adds additional moisture and nutrients to the lashes. Celebrities like Renee Zellweger have all taken a love for this product.  It comes in both black  and brown. Now that you have six great mascara choices!  Here are 10 quick tips for applying mascara.  Enjoy! 

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