NEW! Tom Ford's White Patchouli Perfume

We get it.  Once you find that fragrance you love, it's really hard to stray from it.  But there are a ton of new fragrances that have recently been launched that we think you should try!  We've been perusing fragrance reviews all over the web in order to find some of the best reviewed new perfumes.   We found that Tom Ford's White Patchouli is being talked about a lot - and for good reason.   Launched in September 2008 with Erykah Badu as its spokesperson, Tom Ford's White Patchouliis the new definition of earthy chic.  While the fragrance has hints of patchouli (which is strongly associated to incense and the hippie eras of the 1960s and 70s), it is much more subtle than most other patchouli fragrances.  The perfume combines the patchouli scent with some very elegant smelling white flowers such as jasmine, peony, and rose.  Ford himself admitted that he "wanted to free Patchouli from that cliche, and present it in a truly innovative way."  He has certainly achieved his goal. 

What every one's saying:

  • W Magazine says it's, "the most lady like patchouli-based scent ever."
  • Vogue UK called it a "fresh yet distinctive eau de parfum."
  • Now Smell This calls the fragrance, "minimalist chic...I'd dress white patchouli in New York black:"
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