New Tapered Curling Irons from BabylissPro!

The 2 leading manufacturer's of curling irons, Hot Tools and Babyliss, have both come out with new "Tapered" irons which allow the user to create multiple size curls in their hair, with just one iron! The tapered irons vary in size, but the main point of the tapered iron is that the barrel is larger towards the handle of the iron, and gradually becomes more narrow towards the tip of the iron. To Use: You simply wrap your hair around the portion of the barrel that you would like your curl size to be. Want multiple sizes? Use different parts of the barrel to make your own curls! BabylissPro Nano Titanium Tapered Curling Irons are offered in 2 barrel sizes: The 1st Barrel size is 3/4" to 1.25". The 2nd size is 1/2" to 1 ".  Each are on sale for $29.99 for a limited time only.   The Hot Tools Black and White Tapered Irons will be coming soon!  

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